Irish EV Owners Association (IEVOA) is for electric vehicle owners and drivers in Ireland. We represent our members in our involvement with various companies and government bodies such as ESB Ecars, EcarsNI, Drive4Zero, County Councils, Nissan Corp and Limerick Smarter Travel.

Aims of the Association are:

  • To represent the interests of EV owners and drivers across Ireland.
  • To help encourage widespread uptake of EVs throughout the island.
  • To work with ESB Ecars, E-carsNI, Government bodies, County Councils, and all other stake holders to further the aims of our members.
  • To work with vehicle manufacturers and dealers to further the aims of the association.
  • To promote and hold events that pertain to EV Owners/Drivers.

We welcome all EV Owners/Drivers in Ireland to become members.

To become a full member, please download and complete an application form on the membership page and pay the membership fee. Membership shall commence on issuance of a Membership Card by the Secretary. The subscription shall be due upon joining the Association and thereafter on the 1st of April each year. Becoming a full member will also provide access to the members only section of the forum.

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Two petrol cars parked at the charging point Synge Street, Dublin 2, blocking both chargers, when I came back two hours later they were still parked there. ... See MoreSee Less

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I have learned so much in 24hours on this page than I have in the first few weeks driving
My Leaf! Thank you all so much! I have my
First long drive tomorrow (Kildare to Leitrim) if anyone has any tips! I'm quite nervous 😩
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Hi guys, I'm very new to the ev world (got a 181 Nissan Leaf 30kw 2 weeks ago) last night I had my first journey outside of just to and from
Work - an 84km journey with 136km on the display. I didn't make it! I managed to get 9km from my home to a charging point at j14 monasterevin (all of which were out of service) so I drove home with My fingers crossed. At 10km the display went to just three lines and I made it! Is this normal that I couldn't do 84km on 136km onnclock? I drove in eco mode and didn't use heat/radio etc.... it was extremely stressful and has me worried and doubting my decision to go electric.... any advice for a newbie welcome! Also, today I started a small journey in 114km and arrived to work with 121km n the display 🤔
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Hi all! Happy St. Patricks Day! Does anybody know the exact amount of ecars (including PHEV) available to order in Ireland? Would be perfect if you have a link to that news or article, need it for my thesis. Thanks in advance ... See MoreSee Less

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Here we go again with the never ending show in rochestown !
Called esb... “engineerings waiting for the piece” ahahahah seriously Andrea Dicorcia
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