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CER consulation – IEVOA submission

To all IEVOA members,


Thanks to all of you who gave feedback on the CER consultation:

Shape the future of EVs in Ireland – CER Consultation


The IEVOA Committee gathered your opinions and ideas, met up and came to a consensus. Please see the following document, submitted to the CER :

IEVOA CER Submission

We will keep you updated on the outcome of this consultation



The IEVOA Committee

We can now buy Teslas! But how much is the “Irish premium” ?

Good news, Tesla cars (Model S and Model X) are now officially available in Ireland

See for yourselves here



Tesla Model S

The models are the same as anywhere else in Europe, range is just as developed which is not always the case with other brands. So we can be happy about it !

One difference though, there is no lease option (for now at least).

Prices are starting at € 81,526 (On the road) for a Model S 60, with 400km range (NEDC) all the way till € 169,762 for a Model X P100D (542km of NEDC range). The Tesla with the longest range is the Model S P100D, with 613km NEDC. It starts at € 167,254 on the road. Plenty of options are available to spice up your final bill to over € 200,000 if you wish !



Select a few options and here is your € 210,000 Model X !


There is an urban legend that says that we are paying for an Irish premium but is this true ? Let’s do a quick comparison with France to see if we are really paying more.

Model (Country)  Model S 60 (Ireland)  Model S 60 (France)  Model X P100D (Ireland) Model X P100D (France)
Ex VAT  € 65,317  € 64,700  € 128,244  € 129,033
VAT € 15,023 (23%) € 1,2940 (20%)  € 29,496 (23%)  € 2,5807 (20%)
VRT (incl grant) € 6,186  € 17,022
Grants € 5,000 (SEAI) € 6,300  € 5,000 (SEAI)  € 6,300
OTR price € 81,526  € 71,340  € 169,762  € 148,540

Is Tesla greedy ? Not more than anywhere else ! The grants are actually generous (€ 10,000) : it’s just the VAT and VRT that are excessive to start with.

On the option list, we can actually see that the prices are similar of even slightly lower than in other countries : this means the ex-vat price is lower in Ireland that France, UK or Germany.

Now it is time to start saving, awaiting for the first Irish Tesla store to open in 2017, with 4 or 5 superchargers also anticipated.


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X


Shape the future of EVs in Ireland – CER Consultation

     *** Important message to IEVOA members ***

Hello All,
We are asking for your views on the future of the charging infrastructure.  Below is a guide on the Commission for Energy Regulation’s consultation documents. Your ideas and thoughts on these would be most welcome to shape IEVOA’s submission. But do not limit yourself, please also submit your personal opinion through the consultation process. 
Click here to see the Briefing note : IEVOA-CER-briefing-note
Please send your input to the IEVOA by 15th Nov. to 
The deadline for personal submissions to the CER is 25th November.

[Paris Motor Show] 2017 Renault Zoe 41kwh : what we do know today

One of the major announcements of the Paris Motor show is the presentation of updated Renault Zoé

The main improvement is the increased capacity of the battery. It goes from 22kwh to 41kwh (usable). Consequently the range is improving to 400 km NEDC, or 300km real life. Yes, Cork-Dublin or Galway-Wexford in one charge is now possible, without having to spend over €100.000 in a Tesla ! -that is of course if your bladder can handle it-


Zoé Swiss Edition (Or Bose ?)

Based on the information leaked on the Renault’s Dutch media website:

  • The base model R90 Entry (ex Life R240) sees its price increasing by €500, but the motor is beeing detuned (77hp instead of 88hp). Same 22kwh battery pack. We don’t know if the equipment level is different from the one of the Life trim.
  • The Zoé Life and Intens are €3,000 more expensive than the previous model and keeps the 88hp motor but with the new 41kwh battery.
  • The 43kw charging option, aka Q90 (ex Q210), is still available but now 700€ more expensive than the R90 (ex R240). It used to be just €500 extra.
  • There is a new trim, Bose, available with both Q90 and R90, €2,800 more expensive than the Intens. Considering the difference of price, we can expect 17” alloy wheels, leather, heated seats, Bose sound systems. These equipments could be found on The Zoé Swiss Edition (limited production for the Swiss market only) for CHF2,700 more than the Intens.
  • You can now purchase the battery ! The price in the Dutch market is €7,900 which is not really cheap but if Renault Ireland wants to sell the Zoé, I’m sure they will make it cheaper.



Zoé Swiss Edition and its brown leather interior


Based on this data, we can expect this updated Zoé to be sold in Ireland from around €18,000 without batteries and from around €25,000 with batteries included. As much as attractive the 41kwh battery is, Renault will have to make an effort on price and promotion of this car as this price is a bit hefty for a supermini. Unless you don’t need that much range ?

2016 Paris Motor Show : Which BEV novelties will make their way to Ireland ?

With the 2016 Paris Motor show’s doors opening in a few days, let’s see what models we can expect to see on sale soon.


Hyundai Ioniq. This is official for Ireland and we are now waiting to know how much it will cost ! The 28kwh battery already seems like a good offer for 2016 EV market… but maybe already outdated compared to some 2017 models !


The Hyundai Ioniq range

Nissan Micra (or Juke) Rex. Nissan wants to stay in the race : it seems like the Leaf2 is not ready for at least another year. In the meantime Micra and Juke are due for renewal, and we know Nissan is developing a Ranger extending technology soon to be on the market. One fact we have : the next Micra will be built in Renault’s Flins factory in France … on the same production line as the Zoé’s. It is pretty safe to say that the small Nissan will not only have ICE engines. EV ? EV with Rex ? both ?

Renault Zoé 40kwh. This is rumoured to be launched early next year ; Renault’s Zoé would get a very impressive range of 500km NEDC, thanks to a 40kwh (usable) pack. This would make by far the “best range for your money” EV of the market. We can expect a new top trim (inspired from the Swiss Edition version, see for details) with leather, bose sound system and much loved heated seats. A performance version could also be in the works.


Renault Zoé

Tesla S and X, officially imported ? No news yet from Tesla, but they should open soon their operations in Ireland. Tesla will attend the Paris Motor Show.

VW E-Golf 34kwh : A battery upgrade is expected for the E-Golf soon. A very anticipated concept car will be revealed as well.

Not for us ! The very anticipated Opel Opel Ampera-e will be launched only next year but we’ll be able to see it in the Paris motor show. The 60kwh battery pack should allow a class leading range (possibly 500km NEDC). Unfortunately no right-hand drive version is planned so we’ll only see these during our trips to mainland! Same for the Smart Fortwo and Forfour ED, both equipped with a 17.6kwh battery pack (160km NEDC range) and a Zoé motor : There will be a RHD version … bur since the Smart brand isn’t distributed in Ireland, you’ll have to import one from the UK. A Ford Focus Electric has started to be sold in Europe this year, in very small number. It might get a 34kwh battery pack soon and be sold in more countries.


Smart Fortwo ED, Forfour ED and Fortwo Cabrio ED

On Thursday 28th, the press-only days of the Paris motor show will allow us to confirm these models, if more is coming, and the numerous PHEV versions that will complete this list.

Irish PHEV Sales – July 2016 : BMW dominates

68 PHEVs (58 petrol and 10 diesel) were sold in July in Ireland, which is a 200+% progress over the 21 units sold in July last year.

This Month BMW has registered no less than 44 PHEVs : i3 Rex, X5, 225Xe and most importantly 33 units of the new 330e. This 330e is helped by its very attractive price (from just over 40.000 euro) and if the BMW network wants to sell this over petrol/diesels, we can see a very bright future for this version.

Find below the complete list of PHEV sales for July (petrol in bold, diesel in italic).



BMW 330e



Rank Model Sales (July 2016)
1. BMW 330e 33
2. BMW i3 (Range Extender) 8
  Volvo V60 D6 AWD 8
4. Volvo XC90 T8 AWD 5
5. VW Golf GTE 3
6. VW Passat GTE 2
  BMW 225xe Active Tourer 2
  Audi Q7 e-Tron 2
  Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2
10. BMW X5 xDrive 40e 1
  Audi A3 e-Tron 1
  Porsche Panamera 1
  Total July 2016  68





Source : Simi

Irish EV Sales – July 2016 : -35% : what is going on ?

In a blooming car market that is getting at pre-recession levels, EV sales are now falling (-35%) compared to July last year.

Our market is obviously very exposed to the Nissan Leaf, the main seller of the segment. The Leaf is now 6 years old and like any 6 years old cars it is now less attractive despite the 30kwh option that appeared at the beginning of the year. It is possible that some potential buyers are waiting either for the Hyndai Ioniq or for the next-generation Leaf.


55 pure EVs were sold in July, made of 54 Nissan Leaf and 1 BMW i3.

Here are the sales for the January to July period :

Rank Model  2016 sales (January-July) 2015 sales (January-July)  Evolution 2016/2015
1. Nissan Leaf 312 350  -10.8%
2. Renault Zoé 13 26  -50%
3. BMW i3 (EV) 8 12  -33.3%
4. Tesla Model S 6 2  +200%
5. VW E-Golf 0 4  -100%
 Other 2 4
 Total 341 398  -14.3%















Source: Simi

Hyundai Ioniq : A new EV for Ireland in October

The Hyundai Ioniq is the new “green car” of the popular Korean brand.

It will be launched in Ireland in these 3 distinctive forms:

  • As a classic Hybrid, to compete with cars like the Toyota Prius and Auris
  • As a 100% Electric model, with a 28kwh battery pack that we can’t wait to compare with the Leaf
  • And finally as a Plug-in Hybrid variant which would land on a new “popular PHEV” segment (the VW Golf GTE, Audi A3 E-tron and BMW i3 being positioned on a more premium segment)

From left to right: Ioniq Hybrid, Electric and Plug In


The 2 first variants are due in mid-October, and the latter early 2017

Pricing will be announced later during the year, but we can expect the hybrid version to be positioned below the Prius, and hopefully at the level of the Auris Hybrid. As for the 100% Electric variant, it will depend if Hyundai wants to become a A player in the segment and compete with the well priced Leaf or not. Stay tuned !


2016 Leaf : which one should you get ?

The Nissan Leaf is one of the most obvious options for the Irish buyer when it comes to getting a brand new EV. During the first 6 months of 2016, the Leaf represented nearly 90% of total EV sales in Ireland. There are 3 trims (XE, SV, SVE), 2 battery choices (24 and 30kwh) and several colours and options to choose from. Let’s take a closer look.


Leaf SVE

XE, SV or SVE ?

XE: This is the base Leaf, that has the benefit of being €2,500 cheaper than the next variant. No alloys, Satellite Navigation or Connected system, but you still get 4 electric windows, air conditioning, CD player with jack, USB and Bluetooth. Nothing major is missing except the heat pump. This improves your winter range a lot as it is a much more efficient heating system. Still, at €21,490, that’s a lot of car for the money compared to a similar petrol/diesel model.

SV: From €23.990. This model will give you 16″ alloys, climate control, satellite navigation with Nissan Connect EV, cruise control with speed limiter, automatic lights and wipers and reverse camera. If you don’t like a black interior, this is the only trim you can get with light grey seats and dashboard. The interior feels much more bright than on the XE and SVE. SV can be purchased with a black interior as well.


SV with a grey interior

SVE: This trim is €2,400 more expensive than the SV and has all the fancy bits you’ve dreamt of. It adds a very nice leather upholstery, heated steering wheel and seats (front AND rear!). There are very pretty 17″ wheels that gives a sporty look to the car. You will love the 4 cameras that give you a a top view of the car on your monitor. Very handy when parking! There is also a Bose sound system, but the difference with the regular stereo isn’t huge and it adds a subwoofer in the boot that will limit its capacity. Finally the LED headlights (low-beams only) are in my opinion the most useful equipment of this version, as it provides a really good view of the road by night, almost as good as high-beams! Really recommended if you drive a lot by night.

Leaf Bose subwoofer

SVE’s Bose subwoofer

24 or 30kwh ?

The 24kwh version range is 199km (NEDC) and the 30kwh is 250km (NEDC)(optional on SV and SVE trims only). In real life, the 24 will give you between 100 and 150km, and the 30 between 130 and 180km, depending on the weather, your driving style, etc. The €3,000 difference isn’t nothing, so you might want to think twice before making a decision. If the car is going to be a commuter, the 24 may be enough, but if this is your main car and will do long distances as well, do not hesitate and go for the 30. It will give you that extra peace of mind that can transform your journey from challenging to very pleasant! Check PCP options as well as the difference might be little between both versions. Also a 30kwh will give you an edge when in a few years you will sell your Leaf in a world where 48 or 60kwh batteries will become the standard!


3.3 or 6.6kw onboard charger ?

The 6.6kw charger option is available across the range for €900. Again it all depends on your use as it’s not a cheap option. If you have a 32amp home installation, combined with the 6.6kw charger option you can charge your Leaf in 4 to 5 hours. Double this time if you have a 3.3kw charger or a 16amp home installation. Note that most ESB street charging points are 22kw so you can make the most of your 6.6kw onboard charger as well.



22kw ESB street charger

All Leafs have a fast charging port (Chademo) as standard, allowing you to charge from empty to 80% in around 30 minutes.


Any other option ?

The cold pack (€300 on SV) that includes 4 heated seats, steering wheel and door mirrors is very useful in winter, and the price is reasonable, so something that is definitively worth considering. Whereas the solar panel (€300) is a bit of a gadget as it is tiny and only helps charge the 12v battery. There is also Nissan Connect EV available for €750 on the XE (standard on SV/SVE) and metallic paint at €550.



Just be aware of the limited XE range in winter as it is affected by the lack of heat pump (and no 30kwh option for this variant). All versions are interesting and there is no real weak version in the Leaf catalogue.



Photo credit : Nissan

Annual General Meeting 2016

The Irish EV Owners Association AGM will be held on Saturday April 23rd at Noon at Nissan HQ Park West Business Park, Nangor Road, Dublin 12.

Teas and snacks will be provided. (Thank You Nissan!)

All attendants can join or renew their membership and changes to the Constitution ratified by members at this time.

Please register attendance using the link below!

See you there!