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2019 BMW i3 120Ah – Better range and lower price!

BMW is now taking orders for the longer range 120Ah version of its i3 along with a few updates.

The 120Ah and it’s 42.2 kWh battery (37.9 kWh useable) replaces the 94Ah version that is no longer produced. Europe no longer has the possibility to order i3 with the range extender (Rex) and you now have just 2 versions available, the i3 and the more powerful i3s.  

Range is now 270 to 310 km WLTP (that is 345 to 359 km in NEDC terms) which translate to around 260 km of real life range, about 30% more than the 94Ah’s 33.2 kWh battery.

New features are now available such as full LED headlights, Wifi, wireless phone charger, or a new Loft interior (Atelier, Lodge and Suite interiors remain unchanged). The Jucaro beige interior pictured here replaces the Protonic Blue in the exterior colour range.


New Loft interior

Good news is that the price is more reasonable that previously with a starting price of € 35,760 after grants, that is €2,200 less than previously.

BMW i3 120Ah (170hp) : €35,760

BMW t3s 120Ah (184hp) : €39,060


Visit BMW Ireland website for more information


Irish PHEVs Sales – October 2018

The PHEV market is somehow more eventful than the BEVs one with 2 interesting elements:

First on the new car market, the new Outlander PHEV has now landed in dealerships with 10 registrations, making this car the best seller of the month (but just 9th year to date).



Click on image for full-size view


And then the most remarkable event is the ever growing number of used imports. Where is it going to stop ? The very good supply of the UK market, low GBP/EUR exchange rate, affordable VRT and cheap road tax are making a PHEV import a no-brainer for many, and the word is obviously spreading. No less than 184 used PHEVs were imported last month. Keep in mind that just 224 PHEVs were imported for the whole 2017 year. This contrasts with the BEV imports that flucturated so far this year between 41 and 75 units per month.

Monthly sales of used import PHEVs, 2017 and 2018. Click on image for full-size view


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Irish BEVs Sales – October 2018

With the end of year approaching, new cars sales become less significant. In October 37 new BEVs were registered in Ireland, which is a 27.6% growth over the same period in 2017, and 2.14% market share.

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Used imports are growing 75.6% in October, bringing the total number of used BEVs imported this year to 600 (+54.2%).

This makes a grand total of 1811 BEVs (new and used) registered so far this year, and we could reach 2000 units by the end of the year

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Updates for the Renault Zoé range

As for other European countries, the Zoé range for Ireland is getting some updates for the 2019 year:

* The base Expression R90 is now getting the 40kWh battery in replacement of the 22kWh one. Price increase is €1,500

* The 2 higher trims (Dynamique and Signature) now benefit from the more powerful R110 motor instead of the R90 one. Price increase is €300

* The Q90 motor remains available, at a €1,500 premium over the R110. It is the only one that benefits from the 43kw fast AC capability. The R90 and R110 can charge at 22kw only.


Prices of the 2019 Renault Zoé:

Zoé R90 Expression €24,990

Zoé R110 Dynamique €27,790

Zoé R110 Signature €30,290

Zoé Q90 Dynamique €29,090

Zoé Q90 Signature €31,790


Source : Renault Ireland

Photo credit : Jan-Bart Spang

Irish PHEVs Sales – September 2018

45 new PHEVs were sold last month (1.41% of the total market), showing a progress of 45.2% over September 2017. At the top this month with 20 registrations, the BMW 530e is also leading the segment to date this year (140 sales), overtaking the Kia Niro PHEV (135 sales).

142 PHEVs were imported in September which is another record, as you can see on the graph below.

PHEV used imports evolution (2017-2018) Source : simi


BMW expands its BMW i brand operations in Ireland

BMW Ireland shows strong trust in BEVs and PHEVs market by expanding its BMW i sub brand to the totality of retailers.

BMW iX3 Concept Vision

  Up till now only 5 out of a total of 14 Irish BMW Centres were offering i3 and i8 sales and maintenance (Cork, Galway and Dublin). This will push the visibility of the i brand to other locations of the country and will prepare the ground for the Mini Electric and BMW iX3, launched around 2019/2020 (BMW has pledged to have 25 BEV/PHEVs by 2025 – vs 9 today). Paulo Alves, Managing Director of BMW Group Ireland said: “We were the first premium brand to make a clear commitment to electric mobility, we currently have the widest range with nine electrified vehicles and this will grow to 25 models by 2025. The expansion of BMW i operations and the significant financial investments by our Irish retail network is a clear commitment to meet the future demands of our customers”.

MINI Electric Concept

This is part of an impressive investment of €37 million and the creation of 120 new jobs in the retail network, over the next 18 months.


Source & images : BMW Ireland

Irish BEVs Sales – September 2018

With the WLTP rules now in place, a number of European countries see their new car sales dropping from this month of September, caused by important pre-WLTP stock registered as these cars had to be registered before the 1st September. The Irish market dropped 17.9% after being in positive territory in August. But BEVs are not concerned by these changes resulting sales still up 106.2 % compared to the same month last year. The Nissan Leaf is once again the star of the segment, and once again is part of the Irish top 10 with a 7th place ! The Renault Zoé is still doing well and catching up with the Hyundai Ioniq that has seen zero registration this month. BEV have represented 3.09% of the Irish car market, a new record !

Used imports are still progressing, 42.9% year over year, with the usual dominance of the Nissan Leaf.


Facelift : Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is finally landing in Ireland and here is what you should know:

  • The 2.0 petrol engine is replaced by a 2.4. It gains 14 hp and 21Nm of torque to 135 hp and 211 Nm.
  • The front and rear motors (1 per axle) are rated 82 and 95hp respectively (instead of 80 hp each)
  • 0-100kph is reached in 10.5 seconds vs 11.0 seconds before
  • Battery capacity goes from 12 kWh to 13.8 kWh : not great compared to BEVs but quite large for a PHEV, especially since it’s still the only one able to fast-ish charge on Chademo (22kw).
  • Range is stable at 54 km NEDC, or 45 km WLTP.


You may think the gains are not huge but the big news here is the price! Previously offered at € 49.900 in a single trim (similar to the 2019 “Instyle”) , it is now available in 3 versions, all very well equipped :

The base version “Intense” at € 39,900 includes reverse camera, infotainment with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, keyless entry, electric parking brake, dual-zone climate control and 18″ alloys.

The mid-trim “Instyle” costs € 43,900 and adds leather upholstery, multi-view cameras, full LED headlights, heated front seats and steering wheel, some driving aids such as adaptative cruise control, lane departure warning, high-beam assist. From this trim you also get an external 1500w power supply (Vehicle to Home), useful to save your home fridge/freezer content in case of power cut 🙂 .

A new version called “S-Edition” is now offered at € 47,500 and adds sunroof, premium sound system, power tailgate, specific shock absorbers, a specific and more sporty exterior looks and more driving aids such as lane change assist or blind spot warning.

The savings over the previous version are at around € 6,000 and you can now get an Outlander PHEV for the price of similarly equipped diesel version.

You can find the full specifications of the 2019 Outlander on Mitsubishi Motors website

2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV


Irish PHEV Sales – August 2018

Sales growth of new PHEVs is slowing down, but we are in August above 1% market share, and with the addition to BEVs, close to 4%! The Kia Niro is still leading the segment this month.


As for used imports, the growth is still very strong with another record month : 118 imports, with a majority of Mitsubishi Outlanders.

The total of PHEVs were registered in 184 this months, and with the addition of 241 BEVs are making a total of 425 more cars with sockets on our roads.


Kia Niro PHEV


Source : Simi






Irish BEV Sales – August 2018

This is another very good month for BEV sales, and once again thanks to the Nissan Leaf, totalling 112 registrations in August. Not only the popular hatchback accounts for 2 thirds of BEV registrations but is also in the Irish top 10 !

Leaf was Ireland’s 10th Best selling car in August !

BEVs accounted for a very impressive 2.8% of the total new car market. Note that besides the Leaf most BEVs are performing quite well. The Jaguar i-Pace is entering the market with 1 registration in August.

Used BEVs imports are still strong with 75 registration (+38.9% vs 2017), best month of the year 2018 so far.

The first Irish i-Pace has been registered last month



Source : Simi

New on the market : Hyundai Kona Electric

The Hyundai Kona Electric price is finally out for the Irish Market.

It will be sold (at least initially) in a single version, for € 35,995 after incentives. If this sounds expensive at first, but it has to be put in perspective considering it will have the powerful 204hp motor, with the large 64kWh battery.

It also comes fully equipped with leather seats, 17” alloy wheels, heated steering wheel and front seats, Android Auto and Apple Carplay for the infotainment, wireless phone charger and lane keep assist.

For the EV specifications side, it has a heat-pump, 7.2kw on-board AC charger, 70kw CCS DC charging port.

There doesn’t seem to be any option, besides a choice of roof and body colours.

Compared to a 40 kWh Nissan Leaf SVE, it is € 3,400 dearer : It has a similar equipment, but larger battery and a more powerful engine. It however is a small SUV (same size as a Renault Captur) and cannot match the family abilities the Nissan Leaf has.

There is no doubt on the fact it will sell well, and the question we have is : What is the allocation for Hyundai Ireland and how fast will they sell out ?

Orders open on November 5th for January deliveries.

All specifications and more info are on Hyundai website






Joint Committee on Communications, Climate Action and Environment – Report on Decarbonising Domestic Transport

The Joint Committee on Communications, Climate Action and Environment has published a report on Decarbonising Domestic Transport – E-Cars.

This report is now available for download.

Here are the Joint committee recommendations and the IEVOA position on these recommendations.


Recommendation 1
The Committee recommends that the assets and infrastructure relating to Electric Vehicles should be maintained as a strategic asset for the time being, rather than being commercialised. Any change to the ownership of assets should be undertaken in the public interest. Emphasis should instead be placed on generating policy in the area with a view to increasing the uptake of Electric Vehicles. A decision on a future plan on the public charging  infrastructure for electric vehicles needs to be taken, as currently there is uncertainty as to who will put this infrastructure in place.

The IEVOA committee was disappointed with this recommendation.


Recommendation 2
The Committee recommends that the Transmission System and Distribution System Operator where applicable, put in place a plan and conduct necessary infrastructure changes to make the electricity grid capable of supporting large scale charging of electric vehicles.

The IEVOA committee is broadly in agreement.


Recommendation 3
The Committee recommends that Transport Infrastructure Ireland should introduce a policy whereby Electric Vehicle users would not be required to pay tolls on certain roads, especially as this appears to have had a positive effect in other jurisdictions.

The IEVOA committee would welcome the introduction of free tolls, similar to other countries.


Recommendation 4
The Committee recommends that the Government should consider further reducing the rate of motor tax which applies to Electric Vehicles with a view to increasing uptake. Measures such as this have seen success in accelerating the uptake of Electric Vehicles in the United Kingdom, and elsewhere. That the government should also consider increasing the current SEAI grant awarded for the purchase of an electric vehicle.

The IEVOA committee is broadly in agreement.

Recommendation 5
The Committee recommends that Gas Networks Ireland should also focus on the development of Liquefied Natural Gas as an alternative fuel, and not exclusively
concentrate on the introduction of Compressed Natural Gas into the Irish Transport Sector. Due regard should also be given to Liquefied Natural Gas so as to avoid placing unrealistic expectations on freight operators, particularly where journeys to the United Kingdom are concerned.

The IEVOA committee considers that LPG/CNG are fossil fuels and their use should not be encouraged as they are just another ICE.


Recommendation 6
The Committee recommends that direction should be provided to Local Authorities on the Government’s vision for Electric Vehicles to encourage joined-up thinking.

The IEVOA committee welcomes this initiative and would like the opportunity to be involved as part of the joined up thinking.


Recommendation 7
The Committee recommends that the State should encourage and/or incentivise Industry to endeavour to be at the forefront of low-emission alternative energies.

The IEVOA committee is broadly in agreement.


Recommendation 8
The Committee recommends that an equalisation of excise duty on petrol and diesel should be introduced so as to dis-incentivise the uptake of vehicles with diesel engines. This would have to be implemented in conjunction with other measures such as some of the EV incentives outlined and further incentives to encourage greater shift from the private car to public transport and cycling.

No committee comment.


Recommendation 9
The Committee recommends that an investigation into the viability of a ban on Combustion engines should be undertaken. As there are very few, if any, automobiles
manufactured in the State, and due to the fact that Irish consumers mainly drive automobiles that are manufactured elsewhere, there is a risk that Ireland will unwillingly be subjected to a ban of this nature in any event.

The IEVOA committee is broadly in agreement.


Recommendation 10
The Committee recommends that the Government should consider introducing mandatory quotas for zero/low-emission vehicles for car manufacturers from 2019

The IEVOA committee is very much in agreement.

Irish PHEV Sales – July 2018

Irish new PHEV sales are still up, to 142 units registered, and 0.53% market share in July, up 149% over July 2017.

The Kia Niro PHEV is still going strong since its launch last spring, and now leading the segment (both in July and year to date), thanks to 56 new registrations.


The used import market is still lead by the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. totalling half of July registrations (91 in total).

A total of 555 used imports and 575 new PHEVs sold so far this year, more than were ever registered previous to 2018 (see table below), showing that PHEVs have now gained a real interest in the eyes of the Irish public.


Irish BEV Sales – July 2018

For the 182 plate season, Irish BEV Sales are up a massive 247% in July, to 386 units (compared to 111 last year). The growth is solely due to the registration of 305 Nissan Leaf, showing the huge interest in this model, and probably an adequate supply! Not only it’s the first time so many new EVs are registered in a single month but the Leaf is in the Irish top 30 with over 1% market share. So far this year 915 new BEVs have been registered, which is more than the whole 2017 year (622 registrations in total).

Used imports registrations are much more stable, with a growth of 6.7% over last year, to 48 units.




IEVOA in the press : Today with Sean O’Rourke (26-06-2018)

IEVOA committee member Roger Lamb participated to Today with Sean O’Rourke, sharing the view of the association on EV ownership.

Fast forward to 33’50 to listen to Roger, for about 10 minutes :!rii=b9%5F10895272%5F15036%5F26%2D06%2D2018%5F


Sean O’Rourke, RTE Radio1

Irish PHEV Sales – June and first semester 2018

New PHEVs sales represented in June 0.88% of the total car market, in line with the previous months, bringing to 433 the number of units sold in the 181 period (+168.9% vs 2017)

The used PHEVs import market is still the most impressive segment, with another 94 cars coming onto our shores, including an impressive 51 Mitsubishi Outlanders. Compared to 2017, the number of imports has been multiplied by 6.

Mercedes C350e Estate


Statement of the IEVOA in response to the announcement of reduced toll charges for EVs

The IEVOA (The Irish EV Owners Association) welcomes the initiative as announced by Minister Shane Ross and feel that this is a step in the right direction to incentivise the uptake of electric vehicles in Ireland. This step is important as currently Ireland is “second-worst in EU on climate change action” as published by the Irish Times on Monday June 18 th 2018. Ireland is liable to face annual, non-compliance fines of approximately €500million should we not reach our emissions targets. In Ireland, transport is second only to agriculture when it comes to CO2 emissions and therefore electrifying our private transport plays a key part in reducing these emissions and bringing us closer to meeting our targets.

On the matter of plug-in hybrids being included and conventional hybrid cars being excluded, the IEVOA feels that this is appropriate as, while conventional hybrid cars do have some electric components, they have very limited electric only range. The result of this is that conventional hybrids still emit quite high amounts of CO2 through their tailpipe emissions – roughly 70g of CO2 per kilometre vs 140g CO2 per kilometre for the same size petrol car. With this in mind it makes sense to incentivise only vehicles that are capable of running without actively producing dangerous emissions from their exhausts. It is important to highlight this difference amid confusing claims being made by some manufacturers that their hybrids are “self-charging” and therefore do not need to be plugged in. This claim can cause confusion and lead people to believe that these cars are just like plug-in hybrids without the charging and this is certainly not the case.

While we are pleased at the introduction of reduced tolls for low and zero emissions vehicles, and feel that it is a step in the right direction, the IEVOA feel that there is a lot more work to be done to
make Ireland a more EV friendly country. Issues such as further development, support and repair of the charging network are high on the committee’s agenda.

Please find below the statement in pdf format:

Statement of the IEVOA in response to the announcement of reduced toll charges for EVs

Contact :

Irish BEV Sales – June and first semester 2018

June is traditionally a very slow month for the Irish car market with just 1255 cars registered for the end of the 181 period. As with the rest of the semester, BEVs have been doing better than the average with 17 registrations (just 4 in June 2017) and 1.35% market share. 6 Nissan Leaf, 4 Tesla Model S and 3 Volkswagen E-Golf were sold last month.

Across the first semester a total of 529 BEVs were registered, which is a 41.4% progress over 2017 (171) and an all time record. 2017 was already a record year and saw 622 registrations (see 2017 best selling BEVs here), a level we’ll probably beat as early as July !



Another 55 used BEVs were imported last month, for a total of 335 for the first semester (+67.5% vs 2017). This means another 864 BEVs were added on the Irish roads during the period, bringing a total registrations of well over 3000 units.



Formal complaint filed to RTE for “Today with Sean O’Rourke” program

Dear members,

Sean O’Rourke, RTE Radio 1

Yesterday it came to our attention that RTE aired a program called “Today with Sean O’Rourke” which had a segment on EVs in Ireland. It is our belief that this segment was a breach of the Broadcasting Act 2009, section 39(1) subsection B in that the content of the program was entirely based on subjective opinion and it presented these opinions as fact in a manner which could do damage to the uptake of EVs in Ireland. RTE did not, in our opinion, provide enough of a counter argument nor did it make any effort to espouse any of the positive aspects of EV ownership. As such, the committee has submitted a formal complaint to RTE following their formal complaint procedures.

We wish our members to know that we take these matters very seriously and always aim to be proactive in meeting these issues head on. We will continue to update our members on the progress of our formal complaint as and when we receive updates from RTE or the BAI.


Your IEVOA committee members.

Irish PHEV Sales – May 2018

PHEVs sales are still growing exponentially in May with 54 new registrations (+575% vs 2017). The Kia Niro PHEV is leading for the second consecutive month and 3rd year to date. Will it be the best selling Irish PHEV in 2018 ?

PHEVs market share is at 0.89% (0.49% to date)

Used imports are also steadily growing : 80 units were imported last month (+700% vs 2017). The Mitsubishi Outlander is almost making for 50% of all used imports PHEVs this year.

A total of 134 PHEVs were registered in May (792 to date in 2018, exactly the same as for BEVs).

Mini Countryman Cooper S E All 4