The Irish Electric Vehicle Owners Association (IEVOA) is a community of EV enthusiasts, drivers, owners, past, present and future!

Our commitment as an association is to represent our members through our lobbying with public bodies, private companies and elected representatives. We represent all EV drivers, soliciting input from our membership, including private members and corporate sponsors.

Our Aims

  • To represent the interests of EV owners and drivers across Ireland.
  • To help encourage widespread uptake of EVs throughout the island.

  • To work with ESB Ecars, E-carsNI, Government bodies, County Councils, and all other stake holders to further the aims of our members.

  • To work with vehicle manufacturers and dealers to further the aims of the association.

  • To promote and hold events that pertain to EV Owners/Drivers.

Become a member!

To become a full member, please download and complete an application form on the membership page and pay the membership fee. Membership shall commence on issuance of a Membership Card by the Secretary.

The subscription shall be due upon joining the Association and thereafter on the 1st of April each year. Becoming a full member will also provide access to the members only section of the forum.

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Test Drive


Opel Mokka-e

By Simon Acton, IEVOA Chair, May 2021

Opel, like many manufacturers, are now on a mission to electrify their model range. I headed down to Opel Liffey Valley to test drive the two latest arrivals, the handsome Mokka-e compact crossover




Renault Captur E-Tech Plug-in hybrid


By Guillaume Séguin – May 17th, 2021

The first generation of Renault Captur has been the most popular SUV of the last decade in Europe, and relatively popular in Ireland thanks to a very attractive looks, popular 2-tone exterior colours while surfing on the SUV wave…

Test Drive
Test Drive


300.000km with this Gen 1 Nissan Leaf

By Sean O’Callaghan

In this Series, Sean will tell us the 8-year story of his Nissan Leaf, from the purchase till the replacement of its battery.


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