With the 2016 Paris Motor show’s doors opening in a few days, let’s see what models we can expect to see on sale soon.


Hyundai Ioniq. This is official for Ireland and we are now waiting to know how much it will cost ! The 28kwh battery already seems like a good offer for 2016 EV market… but maybe already outdated compared to some 2017 models !


The Hyundai Ioniq range

Nissan Micra (or Juke) Rex. Nissan wants to stay in the race : it seems like the Leaf2 is not ready for at least another year. In the meantime Micra and Juke are due for renewal, and we know Nissan is developing a Ranger extending technology soon to be on the market. One fact we have : the next Micra will be built in Renault’s Flins factory in France … on the same production line as the Zoé’s. It is pretty safe to say that the small Nissan will not only have ICE engines. EV ? EV with Rex ? both ?

Renault Zoé 40kwh. This is rumoured to be launched early next year ; Renault’s Zoé would get a very impressive range of 500km NEDC, thanks to a 40kwh (usable) pack. This would make by far the “best range for your money” EV of the market. We can expect a new top trim (inspired from the Swiss Edition version, see www.renault.ch for details) with leather, bose sound system and much loved heated seats. A performance version could also be in the works.


Renault Zoé

Tesla S and X, officially imported ? No news yet from Tesla, but they should open soon their operations in Ireland. Tesla will attend the Paris Motor Show.

VW E-Golf 34kwh : A battery upgrade is expected for the E-Golf soon. A very anticipated concept car will be revealed as well.

Not for us ! The very anticipated Opel Opel Ampera-e will be launched only next year but we’ll be able to see it in the Paris motor show. The 60kwh battery pack should allow a class leading range (possibly 500km NEDC). Unfortunately no right-hand drive version is planned so we’ll only see these during our trips to mainland! Same for the Smart Fortwo and Forfour ED, both equipped with a 17.6kwh battery pack (160km NEDC range) and a Zoé motor : There will be a RHD version … bur since the Smart brand isn’t distributed in Ireland, you’ll have to import one from the UK. A Ford Focus Electric has started to be sold in Europe this year, in very small number. It might get a 34kwh battery pack soon and be sold in more countries.


Smart Fortwo ED, Forfour ED and Fortwo Cabrio ED

On Thursday 28th, the press-only days of the Paris motor show will allow us to confirm these models, if more is coming, and the numerous PHEV versions that will complete this list.