Used imports registrations have been growing more than new cars ones at a general level, thanks to a currently cheap sterling, with over 100.000 cars registered (+7,8%). However only 693 of these were electric (BEVs). It is an increase of 42.6% over 2017 but still very low, considering that BEVs benefit from a €5000 VRT rebate on used vehicles too, making the import of second hand UK EVs even more interesting than ICE ones !

PHEVs imports on the other hand have been extremely healthy going from 224 (in 2017) to 1279 cars registered ! The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, extremely successful when new in the UK, can be found very easily on the second hand market and its very reasonable price helps it being very competitive in Ireland where it has never sold too well till now but where there is a demand on affordable PHEV SUVs.

For 2019, we have brexit, that will affect somehow the cost of imports, but still too many questions marks to predict what is actually going to happen.