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Irish PHEVs Sales – September 2018

45 new PHEVs were sold last month (1.41% of the total market), showing a progress of 45.2% over September 2017. At the top this month with 20 registrations, the BMW 530e is also leading the segment to date this year (140 sales), overtaking the Kia Niro PHEV (135 sales).

142 PHEVs were imported in September which is another record, as you can see on the graph below.

PHEV used imports evolution (2017-2018) Source : simi


BMW expands its BMW i brand operations in Ireland

BMW Ireland shows strong trust in BEVs and PHEVs market by expanding its BMW i sub brand to the totality of retailers.

BMW iX3 Concept Vision

  Up till now only 5 out of a total of 14 Irish BMW Centres were offering i3 and i8 sales and maintenance (Cork, Galway and Dublin). This will push the visibility of the i brand to other locations of the country and will prepare the ground for the Mini Electric and BMW iX3, launched around 2019/2020 (BMW has pledged to have 25 BEV/PHEVs by 2025 – vs 9 today). Paulo Alves, Managing Director of BMW Group Ireland said: “We were the first premium brand to make a clear commitment to electric mobility, we currently have the widest range with nine electrified vehicles and this will grow to 25 models by 2025. The expansion of BMW i operations and the significant financial investments by our Irish retail network is a clear commitment to meet the future demands of our customers”.

MINI Electric Concept

This is part of an impressive investment of €37 million and the creation of 120 new jobs in the retail network, over the next 18 months.


Source & images : BMW Ireland

Irish BEVs Sales – September 2018

With the WLTP rules now in place, a number of European countries see their new car sales dropping from this month of September, caused by important pre-WLTP stock registered as these cars had to be registered before the 1st September. The Irish market dropped 17.9% after being in positive territory in August. But BEVs are not concerned by these changes resulting sales still up 106.2 % compared to the same month last year. The Nissan Leaf is once again the star of the segment, and once again is part of the Irish top 10 with a 7th place ! The Renault Zoé is still doing well and catching up with the Hyundai Ioniq that has seen zero registration this month. BEV have represented 3.09% of the Irish car market, a new record !

Used imports are still progressing, 42.9% year over year, with the usual dominance of the Nissan Leaf.