BMW is now taking orders for the longer range 120Ah version of its i3 along with a few updates.

The 120Ah and it’s 42.2 kWh battery (37.9 kWh useable) replaces the 94Ah version that is no longer produced. Europe no longer has the possibility to order i3 with the range extender (Rex) and you now have just 2 versions available, the i3 and the more powerful i3s.  

Range is now 270 to 310 km WLTP (that is 345 to 359 km in NEDC terms) which translate to around 260 km of real life range, about 30% more than the 94Ah’s 33.2 kWh battery.

New features are now available such as full LED headlights, Wifi, wireless phone charger, or a new Loft interior (Atelier, Lodge and Suite interiors remain unchanged). The Jucaro beige interior pictured here replaces the Protonic Blue in the exterior colour range.


New Loft interior

Good news is that the price is more reasonable that previously with a starting price of € 35,760 after grants, that is €2,200 less than previously.

BMW i3 120Ah (170hp) : €35,760

BMW t3s 120Ah (184hp) : €39,060


Visit BMW Ireland website for more information