BMW Ireland shows strong trust in BEVs and PHEVs market by expanding its BMW i sub brand to the totality of retailers.

BMW iX3 Concept Vision

  Up till now only 5 out of a total of 14 Irish BMW Centres were offering i3 and i8 sales and maintenance (Cork, Galway and Dublin). This will push the visibility of the i brand to other locations of the country and will prepare the ground for the Mini Electric and BMW iX3, launched around 2019/2020 (BMW has pledged to have 25 BEV/PHEVs by 2025 – vs 9 today). Paulo Alves, Managing Director of BMW Group Ireland said: “We were the first premium brand to make a clear commitment to electric mobility, we currently have the widest range with nine electrified vehicles and this will grow to 25 models by 2025. The expansion of BMW i operations and the significant financial investments by our Irish retail network is a clear commitment to meet the future demands of our customers”.

MINI Electric Concept

This is part of an impressive investment of €37 million and the creation of 120 new jobs in the retail network, over the next 18 months.


Source & images : BMW Ireland