IEVOA is proudly supported by a number of corporate members. These are members who are staunch believers in our mission, and want to network with likeminded companies in Ireland. Moreover, they want to be represented by IEVOA as we continue our mission to guarantee charging as a right to all EV drivers in Ireland. If you represent a business and want to support IEVOA’s work, visit this page for more information.

Energia provide domestic electricity & gas, alongside a suite of smart home solutions to drive more sustainability in your home.


SAP solutions for sustainability help deliver environmental, social, and economic impact.



Pinergy provide energy with insight, to drive your home to 100% reenable energy usage.


 Free Now is Europe’s number one Taxi app, and are on a mission to encourage drivers to switch to EVs in Ireland!

 EasyGo is Ireland’s largest public charging infrastructure provider, fully compatible with all electric vehicles.


 Randridge Darkin Charging Solutions specialise in charging technology for the EV industry.

Ohme are an Irish-founded company that build and supply smart, connected home and corporate charging solutions. OmniSys is a flagship company in the world of technology services for Irish businesses, defined by excellent IT support to a steadily growing number of companies, small and large.


 Transpoco provide fleet management tools to make the roads safer through advanced AI.