When we met with ESB ecars in August they told us that in July 2019 alone they had spent over €20,000 in repairs to Fast Charge Points (FCPs) relating to cable damage. We were pretty shocked by this (no pun intended) and asked for more information. It turns out this equates to the following:

Chademo cables X 5 & €850 each
CCS cables x 6 & €1000 each
Type 2 AC cables x 10 & €350 each

Plus installation costs. That’s a total of 21 cables in a single month!

It’s pretty clear that most of this damage, and therefore cost, could have easily been avoided. Not to mention the inconvenience to many EV users unable to use the charge points until they were repaired. We also imagine that ESB ecars might be able to better utilise this money elsewhere on other things you might want, like new chargers for example…

If you are unsure how to safely unplug a charging cables from your car please:
– Ensure you have unlocked your car’s charging port. Not sure? Read your car’s user manual.
– Ask for help from another EV user
– Watch the ESB ecars how to videos on their YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ESBecars
– Call the ESB ecars helpline, the number is on every charge point.
– Forcefully remove the cable, you will likely damage it and your car
– Hit the emergency stop/reset button. This is for emergency situations only unless ESB ecars explicitly tell you to press it. Pressing it unnecessarily will reset the charger and can prevent following users from charging.

When you leave a charge point please:
– Replace the plug in the holster
– Hang up the cable with the supplied hook so it’s not left lying on the ground where it could be driven over
– Drop the plug on the ground, it may get damaged or broken
– Leave the plug lying on the ground, it may get wet, water and electricity don’t mix well!
– Leave the cable lying on the ground where another car could drive over it, the weight of a car will likely break the cable.

If we all follow these few simple rules then there will be a lot less charger outages and everyone will have a better experience using the network.

As a simple rule, just treat the charger as if it were your own, if you have a home charger you wouldn’t forcibly remove the cable or leave your cable lying around on the ground in the rain, would you?

Please share this as widely as possible, especially with any new EV owners you know of who may not be part of this group.

Thanks for your attention and understanding.

IEVOA Committee.

Photo Credit – These pictures have been posted by members on our Facebook group. Please let us know at editor@irishevowners.ie if you want to be credited or have the picture removed. Thanks !