On October 1, the association attended the Energy Saving Expo organised by Sustainable Enniscorthy at the Riverside Park Hotel. The event focused on the various ways people can reduce their energy use, reduce their energy costs, & do so sustainably; answering queries, & providing information on the grants, etc. available to do so. The Riverside Park Hotel itself also features a number of recently installed GOcharge charging stations.

Information was provided on available grants, including SEAI’s Purchase, Apartment Charger, Public Charger, & Home Charger grants, the Low Emission Vehicle Toll Incentive, & the eSPSV (Electric Small Public Service) Grant.

Ready for your questions

The association presented data* comparing the costs of three BEVs (Battery-only Electric Vehicles) to similarly priced non-electric equivalents.

This was applied to a high mileage driver, first illustrating the savings potential in energy costs available from home charging.

Then highlighting the total cost (vehicle cost plus fuel cost plus motor tax) over 5 years, demonstrating the potential savings achieveable before even considering other costs.

Finally, the significant reductions in emissions were shown.

Additional coverage of the event is available at Slaney News.

*  Calculations based on data available at September 30:

  • Petrol, diesel pricing from AA Ireland.
  • Electric pricing from Energia.
  • Vehicle prices, fuel / energy consumption, & exhaust emissions from Hyundai, BMW, Tesla, Toyota, & Nissan.
  • Electric generation emissions from SEAI (Energy in Ireland 2020).