The second Irish EV Owners Association Photographic Rally for 2015 is now open.

The aim of the rally is to get EV drivers out and about in their vehicles, using the charge network and experiencing the landmarks of Ireland, all while driving their Electric Vehicles, of course!  The rules are simple, visit as many of the landmarks which are on the map below, get a photo of your EV at that landmark and submit your entry online.

You can also download a list of the locations and their co-ordinates here in PDF format: 2015 EV Owners Irish Photographic Rally Locations.

The basic aims of the Irish EV Owners Association Photographic Rally are: –

  1.  To encourage people to get travelling in their electric cars & have some element of fun, travel & adventure. To get using our EVs more and travelling further.  It is open to all pure electric vehicles drivers and their passengers both Irish and from abroad.
  2. An interest in photography might add an additional dimension to your travels.
  3. The rally is not a competition.  It is not a driving rally. It is a Photographic Rally. Plaques are awarded for photographing a preset number of locations.

Special awards will also be given for best set of photos, best photo, and youngest participant, overseas entry etc. etc.

The rules & regulations:

  1. Be careful on the roads – it’s about travelling around our 32 counties, visiting locations and enjoying the sites and the countryside.
  2. All rules & regulations as relevant to road traffic &/or trespass apply to all participants at all times.
  3. The organizers accept no liability for damage or loss however that might arise – you take part at your own risk.
  4. Entries from non-electric cars are not admitted. Only pure electric vehicles qualify.
  5. Bronze Award – 12 to 18 counties. The minimum accepted entry is 12 locations for a Bronze award.
  6. Silver award is given for 19 – 31 counties. The minimum accepted entry is 19 locations for a Silver award.
  7. Gold award for all 32 counties. The minimum accepted entry is 32 locations for a Gold award.
  8. DRIVER: A photograph of the nominated subject is required with your electric vehicle visible – you are encouraged to be creative.
    So each photo requires the subject and your electric vehicle.
  9. PASSANGER: A passenger or passengers may enter.  A photograph of the nominated location is required with the passenger beside the electric vehicle. The passenger must be clearly visible in the photograph. Same number of location entries apply for participant awards.
  10. Closing date for entry is Fri 16th Oct 2015 – late entries will not be accepted; you still have some time to enter!!
  11. Entries MUST be uploaded onto the Irish EV Owners Website. Details of uploading are on the Irish Owners website
  12. Each photo must have county name and your name.
    Examples: Limerick JoeBlogs.jpg, Dublin JoeBlogs.jpg
  13. Passengers need a separate entry to get an award.  Passenger entries must also have county name and their name on each photo.
  14. Photos MUST be in JPEG format only.
  15. Photos by e-mail are not accepted.
  16. You must also complete the registration form. This form and details of uploading will be available on the Irish Owners Association website
  17. A list of each county and its location is on the EV Irish Owners website . There is also a map of all the locations available on the website.
  18. An award presentation function will be held in 2015 at ESB Ecar Gathering.
  19. Judging of entries will be two-fold — a voting system among ourselves and the public and judged by a camera club. These judging systems will determine the prizes like best photo, best set of photos etc.