Car insurance is always a major point of contention for many of us here in Ireland. Nowadays, it seems insurance premiums are forever on the rise and even loyal customers can suddenly find themselves taking the brunt of a major price hike. 

Then there’s the question of buying insurance for your electric car. Compared to a standard ICE vehicle, there are a number of differences to consider. 

  • What happens if you run out of charge? Will your insurer cover the cost of bringing your car to the nearest charging station? 
  • What if your home charger or public charging cable gets damaged or stolen, will they cover the cost of replacement? 
  • What if someone trips over your charging cable at a public charge point, will your insurance cover the costs of personal injury? 
  • If you are leasing your battery, will the insurer bear the cost of paying for it in the event of an accident?

These are just some of the many factors which should be taken into consideration when sourcing insurance for your EV, but are Irish insurers up to date with the latest EV trends? To find out, we took a look at some of Ireland’s most popular insurers and examined what they had to offer for EV owners. 

In particular, we looked at:

  • Affordability
  • EV specific coverage benefits
  • Support for young drivers This relatively new market entrant has grown to become very popular amongst Irish EV owners, offering a service that is both very affordable and tailored specifically for electric vehicles. 

  • They cover the cost of replacing damaged charging cables, in addition to covering liability for personal injury if someone trips over one. 
  • They will cover costs of taking you to the nearest charge point, should you ever run out of power on a long journey.
  • They will cover the cost of paying off a leased battery in the event of a total loss.
  • They offer the ability to get an EV courtesy car. 
  • They offer support for insuring your vehicle as a company car. 
  • Offer some of the cheapest insurance rates for Electric Vehicles of any Irish Insurance company, including for Tesla vehicles. 

However, one downside to EVInsurance is that they do not support young drivers with less than 2 years’ no claims discount. EV Insurance is a Limerick based company, underwritten by John Power Insurances. 

Zurich: Zurich has been a well known insurer for a number of years and was one of the first to offer EV specific insurance benefits to its customers back in 2011. Such benefits include:

  • Covering the cost of replacing a charging cable (up to €400).
  • Covering the cost of taking you to the nearest charge point should you ever run out of power.
  • Offering the ability to get an EV courtesy car.
  • Taking your vehicle to the nearest EV specialist service centre in the event of a breakdown.

AXA: Axa offer a unique partnership with Tesla as part of their “Insure my Tesla” scheme. This features many benefits, including:

  • Like for like replacement – If your car  is written off within 12 months, AXA will pay for a brand new Tesla.
  • Accidental damage cover for your wall charger (up to €650).
  • No excess on fire, theft or windscreen claims.  
  • Ability to get extended coverage when driving other Tesla vehicles not owned by you.

AXA also offer the ability to get company car insurance. However, they do not offer the ability to transfer your personal no claims bonus to the company car policy. So, if this is your first company car, then you may have to pay the full insurance price with no “No Claims Bonus” discount. 

Liberty Insurance: 

  • Offers very affordable rates all round for EV drivers, including for Tesla vehicles and young drivers (under 25) with little driving experience. 
  • Provide third-party coverage for driving other vehicles as a standard part of the policy.
  • Provide insurance for a company car. 

However, they do not offer any EV specific insurance benefits and some quotes are not available via their online system, which will require you to contact their call centre.

Power Insurances: 

  • Offers affordable rates for EV drivers, including for Tesla vehicles. They are typically underwritten by Liberty Insurance, so you can expect somewhat similar pricing.
  • Provide insurance for a company car. 

However, they do not offer any EV specific insurance benefits and you will need to contact them directly to get a quote.

The AA: Offers affordable EV insurance, including for young drivers (under 25) with little driving experience. They have a good online system which enables you to retrieve most quotes without needing to contact a call centre, in addition to receiving online specific discounts.

Aviva: Offers reasonably priced EV insurance, with no EV specific insurance benefits. They do also have restrictions in terms of insuring younger drivers on high performance vehicles (Tesla etc.) Often finds affordable EV insurance prices by scouting through a number of different providers. However, they do not tend to find the most affordable rates for young drivers and they also do not offer the ability to get company car insurance. 

KennCo Insurance: Offers affordable EV insurance, including reasonable pricing for young drivers under the age of 25. They also offer quotes for new business owners insuring their car through their company.  However, their online portal offers restricted functionality, so you will have to call them directly to get a quote in most cases. 

Allianz: Offers reasonably priced EV insurance. However, young drivers again are placed at a disadvantage and they also do not offer quotes for company cars insured through new business owners. 

So that provides a quick look at some of the main insurance providers which offer compelling insurance rates for electric vehicles. Naturally, if you are insured with a different insurer and have multiple policies associated with that provider, then you may receive cheaper rates than elsewhere. In many cases, haggling with a provider over the phone can often result in further reduced quotes than those you might receive online, so keep this in mind when you’re searching around.

Disclaimer : Please note that the IEVOA is not linked in any way to these companies, we aim to be a resource providing useful information for all Irish EV owners. If you are aware of any insurer offering a specific EV product please send an email to