EV-specific insurances

Every year, we are all looking for that best insurance offer for our EV. If premium aren’t really lower/higher than the equivalent ICE, we don’t always know what happens when we have some EV-specific issues:
What if my cable vandalized during a charge in a public place ?
If I write-off my Renault Zoé with a battery lease, is the battery insured ?
Do I get a tow truck if I run out of electricity ?

Some Insurers will offer specific EV-targeted products. We’ll list these in this page.

EvInsurance.ie (Powers Insurances – Limerick)

Please note that the IEVOA is not linked in any way to these companies, we aim to be a resource providing useful information for all Irish EV owners. If you are aware of an issurance offering a specific EV product please send an email to editor@irishevowners.ie.