2 months ago we ran a survey to poll members on their home charging habits. The goal was to learn more based on data we had collected in prior years to compare & contrast, as well as to supply critical data to corporate members who can use this to form their future offers for EV drivers in Ireland.

We left the survey open for a few days and received just over 200 responses. 95.4% of respondants had a BEV, with the remaining having a PHEV. No respondants had a hybrid car.

When asked the primary reason for buying an EV, there was a pretty even split between environmental concerns and cost.

And when asked where folks charge, the number was overwhelmingly in favour of at-home charging, with about 8% being at work and the remainder being at public charge points. It is worth noting that this skew could be because of the phrasing of this poll being a home charging habits survey, which could have dissuaded folks who rely more on public infrastructure.

However, we did promt folks who don’t charge at home why. The responses had a range of notes but capturing them below:

  • Longer journeys, requiring a charge en-route
  • Work providing free charging
  • Need to upgrade electrics or do building work at home in order to get the charger installed
  • Terraced houses or houses without drives having double-yellow lines or limited space outside
  • Tenants/renters not being able to install a charger, or a landlord unwilling to do so

When asked what charger unit you have, there was a clear split among brands. The two outliers were Zappi & Wallbox (now a corporate member!).


When asked how many times per week folks charge, the majority said 1-3 times.