The Hyundai Ioniq is the new “green car” of the popular Korean brand.

It will be launched in Ireland in these 3 distinctive forms:

  • As a classic Hybrid, to compete with cars like the Toyota Prius and Auris
  • As a 100% Electric model, with a 28kwh battery pack that we can’t wait to compare with the Leaf
  • And finally as a Plug-in Hybrid variant which would land on a new “popular PHEV” segment (the VW Golf GTE, Audi A3 E-tron and BMW i3 being positioned on a more premium segment)

From left to right: Ioniq Hybrid, Electric and Plug In


The 2 first variants are due in mid-October, and the latter early 2017

Pricing will be announced later during the year, but we can expect the hybrid version to be positioned below the Prius, and hopefully at the level of the Auris Hybrid. As for the 100% Electric variant, it will depend if Hyundai wants to become a A player in the segment and compete with the well priced Leaf or not. Stay tuned !