Dear IEVOA Members,

As part of our AGM on Saturday 6th June we are required to elect our committee for the coming year. The IEVOA constitution allows for a maximum of eleven committee members.  As in previous years we have a number of existing committee members who wish to continue on along with some recently co-opted members and expressions of interest which we have already considered.  These form the current committee’s recommended candidates as follows:

Simon Acton – Chair
Guillaume Séguin – PR
Michael Sherlock – Treasurer
Thomas McGuire – Secretary
Paul Kelly – IT
Kevin Dowling – Membership Administrator
Bart Connolly – Without Portfolio
Jan-Bart Spang – Without Portfolio

We will seek support for election of these candidates, unless there are any direct challenges.

This leaves three open positions, we don’t have to fill these, but we are seeking nominations for these positions which will initially be ‘without portfolio’ but will be allocated assigned tasks in due course. We need help with activities such as (but not limited to) event planning & organisation, lobbying, establishing membership partners & incentives and representing IEVOA at industry events, conferences and in the media. This coming year we plan to move to a monthly cadence for committee meetings, which will typically be held online, while retaining a quarterly or bi-annual routine for physical get togethers.

In particular, we are keen this year to seek some female nominations, we’ve had zero gender balance on the committee this last year and we feel this is important moving forwards with so many female EV drivers out there.  But that doesn’t mean you men folk are off the hook, please do nominate yourselves if you’d like to be involved.  If you’d like to know more about what is involved in being a committee member then please email

Note that the election will be via an on-line vote as part of the AGM, this vote is open only to paid IEVOA members, so do renew your membership ASAP is you’d like to vote.

So, please email if you would like to put yourself forward as a candidate, nominations must be received by email no later than Wednesday 3rd June.  You can of course nominate yourself for any of the committee positions if you so choose.  We will contact any nominated candidates ahead of the AGM on 6th June to discuss further.  Note that you are required to be a paid IEVOA member in order to hold a position on the committee.


Simon Acton
IEVOA Chairman