February has been a good month for BEVs sales, more encouraging than January, thanks to 813 registration for 5.88% market share.

Most models are performing well : The VW ID.3 seems to be very consistent with another month on top of the sales table, with 193 new registration. The Tesla Model 3 is 2nd this month, and the Nissan Leaf and Kia E-Niro complete a strong top 4. Other models are far behind, including the disappointing Hyundai Kona, far from its 2019 performances, and Renault Zoé (107 sales) being the only other models totalling over 100 units since the beginning of the year. We have 3 new quirky models this month : The first estate BEV : MG 5 EV from China, but also the fancy but short-range Mazda MX-30 and the Lexus UX, or the first attempt for Toyota to apply their self-charging magics to the BEVs segment.

MG 5 EV : The first Estate on the BEV market !

Mazda MX-30



Lexus UX300e