February 1st, 2021. By Guillaume Séguin

January is often seen as a very important month for the car industry, especially since 2021 offers a number of uncertaincy with Covid and Brexit. The car market dipped by almost 18% while the BEV segment grew by a (modest) 9.99% to 980 units, which brings the total market share to 3.89% (2.87% in January 2020).

Nissan Leaf, leading, again!

The offer progresses from 14 different models registered in January 2020 to 21 in 2021. And half of the top 10 is made of cars that didn’t exist last year (VW ID.3, Peugeot e-2008 and e-208, Mini Hatch and Opel Corsa-e) showing a great interest in new models.

Traditional leaders are all down : Nissan Leaf (-31%), Hyundai Kona (-51%), Hyundai Ioniq (-38%), Kia e-Soul (-82%), Tesla Model 3 (-86%) whereas the Kia e-Niro (+69%) and Renault Zoé (+1283%) show healthy growth.

Used imports are up (and not just for BEVs), and it’s unclear if these are cars imported in December and registered in January, as we should expect a drop of imports due to Brexit. We’ll see more clearly next month.

Tesla Model S, popular used import