By Richard Taylor – 15th August 2020

Electric vehicles have become an increasingly hot topic amongst online social media in recent years. However, finding good, well-researched content that is relevant for the Irish market still poses quite a challenge. Of course, we at the IEVOA are happy to provide as much accurate information as we can for Irish buyers, but surely we’re not the only vocal EV enthusiasts in the country! So, we took it upon ourselves to search for all the best homegrown talent we could find…and boy did we find some great content! Let’s dive in, starting with the YouTubers!


M3PRT is a new Irish YouTube channel focused primarily on Tesla ownership in Ireland. Channel owner, Richard Taylor, provides several insights into his own experience as a young Tesla driver from the perspective of running costs, insurance & charging, in addition to reviewing his own Performance Model 3. 

As an automotive software engineer by trade, Richard also provides several insightful videos on the science behind EV batteries, real-world driving range and of course, Tesla’s unique Autopilot technology and over-the-air software update systems. Aided by fun animations, his videos work very well to express complex topics in a way that is simple & easy to understand. 

Richard publishes videos to his channel twice a month and can be found on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for any questions regarding Tesla or EV ownership in general. 

EV TV Ireland

EV TV Ireland is an all-encompassing EV YouTube channel run by Inge Davidsen and Guillaume Séguin. Each week, the pair produce a new video which could explore anything from testing out the real-world range of a new EV, checking out the latest charger network upgrades, or interviewing EV owners from around the country on their experiences with driving electric. 

The channel also promotes local EV meet-up events where EV owners or potential buyers can come together to discuss the benefits and practicalities of EV ownership in Ireland. More recently, the guys have partaken in a number of challenges which push the limits of modern EV batteries and work to dispel some of the many common misconceptions about “range anxiety” in electric vehicles. 

To keep up to date with their latest videos, find EV TV Ireland on Twitter or Facebook.

Jan-Bart Spang

Jan-Bart is a veteran of the Irish EV YouTube community, with some of his first EV review videos dating back over 6 years. In that time, he has embarked on many EV journeys as part of his “My Electric Journey” series, in which he explores driving range, charging facilities and indeed some wonderful scenic views of the Irish countryside along the way. 

More recently, Jan-Bart has made a series of highly informative videos about his personal home solar installation, exploring the installation process, costs and practicality of home solar energy generation in Ireland. 

You can follow Jan-Bart on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with his latest endeavours. 

EV Review Ireland

EV Review Ireland is a brand new YouTube channel dedicated to providing reviews of the latest electric vehicles to hit the Irish market. From electric scooters to mini-vans, bikes and cars, the channel provides a holistic insight into the various methods of electric-only transport across the island. 

Channel owner, Derek Reilly, is also very active on other social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook, in addition to being a significant contributor to articles posted on TheEffect.Net website. 

More recently, Derek has also participated in a series of interviews as part of the Tech Talk podcast hosted by Jess Kelly on Newstalk. Here, Derek answers mail-in questions from listeners with regards to EVs in a fun and interactive session directed at dispelling any misconceptions and encouraging EV adoption across Ireland. 

What about the non-YouTubers?


IrishEVs is a brand new website published and edited by Tom Spencer. The website (and associate Twitter & Instagram accounts) offer a really fantastic perspective on the benefits of EV ownership in a manner which is clear and simple for EV newbies to understand. 

The website also offers details on government grants, charging infrastructure, EV myth-busting, and even includes a buyers guide outlining the latest EVs currently on the Irish market, along with their pricing and specifications.

Currently, Tom does not have a YouTube presence but the website does hint that some electric car reviews are in the works, so keep an eye out for these over the coming months!

EV Life Ireland

EV Life Ireland, run by Blake Boland, is an EV centric social media channel which can be found on both Twitter and Instagram. Blake has been an avid EV enthusiast since becoming a proud owner of a Nissan Leaf back in 2018 and has since never looked back. 

While his Twitter and Instagram accounts promote a lot of his own EV journeys and driving statistics, Blake has also worked in collaboration with Derek from the EV Review Ireland YouTube channel to produce a very scenic and informative video comparing the old and new generation Nissan Leafs in terms of driving range, performance and capability. 


ÉireElectric is a highly active Irish EV Twitter account run by prominent Irish YouTuber IrishTrekkie. So far however, he has only produced one EV-related YouTube video, hence his position on the “Non-EV-YouTuber” list. 

As he is new to the EV community, we will expect lots more content to come and potentially some good quality EV videos too!


Rocinante is an amazing Irish Twitter user who, earlier this summer, embarked on a massive 6000km road-trip across Europe in his Tesla Model 3 – and all in less than a week too!

Aside from this major achievement, Rocinante often completes other continental trips to Poland and other European countries in his Model 3, ensuring to post any progress updates to his Twitter page along the way. He even got the chance to see the new Tesla “Giga Berlin” manufacturing plant (which is currently under construction in Germany), on his travels. 

Tesla fan or not, Rocinante’s epic cross-country road trips are sure to inspire any EV owners and quell any concerns surrounding range anxiety with modern EVs. 

So that about concludes our overview of Irish EV content creators. As you can see, for a small island, we actually have quite a significant representation of vocal EV fanatics, with many channels on our list having only appeared within the past 6 months. This suggests a fast growing EV community is on the rise and hopefully, serves as an indicator for a cleaner, more sustainable future to come. 

If you are an EV owner, or are interested in learning more about electric vehicles and what its like to live with them in Ireland, then we would highly recommend checking out some of the channels & websites on our list to find out more and get your questions answered!