August 2021 saw very strong BEV and PHEV sales, once again, with a market share of no less than 13.8% for BEVs and almost 10% for PHEVs, or 1426 new cars with a plug delivered.

This month the Volkswagen ID.3 is leading the BEV market (142 registrations), but also 5th on the total market (including ICE), ahead of the Golf. A few new models just landed this month : The Hyundai Ioniq 5, the BMW iX3 (no less than 47 registrations, so you’ll likely find a few to check out at your BMW dealer!), but also the sister vans Citroën Space Tourer and Opel Vivaro Passenger (aka Zafira Life).

The interest for EVs seems unstoppable. Over 18000 vehicles with a plug have been registered (new or imported used) since the beginning of the year, bringing the national fleet to around 46000 vehicles.


Hyundai Ioniq 5

Citroën Space Tourer


Opel Vivaro-e Combi (Zafira Life)