By Guillaume Séguin – 2nd September 2020

Another month, another great push for PHEVs. 228 new vehicles were registered with the Niro leading ahead of the Kuga. Since July and its launch in Ireland, 28% of all Kugas were Plug-in, which shows that if you get a PHEV variant in your range, these will sell more than just a few units. And this is how we’re getting PHEVs representing already 4.68% of the total market.

Kia Cee’d

More than the new car sales, the used imports have again hit a monthly record, with 406 vehicles brought into the Republic in August, almost 1 of every 20 vehicles imported. The hype for the Outlander seems to slow down but German Premium are getting huge interest, BMW being by far the most imported brand.

Peugeot 508 Estate