In 2020 PHEVs sales have been growing much faster than BEVs sales, thanks to strong incentives and a choice of now over 40 different models (even though we’re usually talking mostly larger and/or premium vehicles).

New PHEVs sales went from 1333 in 2019 to 2491 in 2020 brining the market share to 2.82%, closer to BEVs 4.54%. The Kia Niro is clearly the most popular car, followed by a few Premium cars and the Ford Kuga that should do quite well in 2021. New in December is the MG HS.


Even more impressive have been the imports, with a record 619 cars brought to the Republic last month (“thanks to” brexit uncertaincy) and a annual count of 3899 cars (2421 in 2019), much more than BEVs imports (451), thanks to a more mature British used PHEVs market, and signioficant VRT rebate.

Kia Niro