February 2nd, 2021, by Guillaume Séguin

Month after month, PHEVs seems to become an Irish favorite, and for the first times sales of PHEVs have hit the 1000 units mark in a single month, before BEVs could !

PHEVs market share is at 4.38% (1.80% in January 2020) and the progress, like for BEVs, is driven with a growing offer of models. Good news is that we have now a choice of vehicles around the €30,0000 price point (Kia Cee’d, Renault Captur and Mégane, on top of the Kia Niro) whilst before you could hardly find anything below €40,000. These new vehicles are priced similarly to equivalent HEVs that have a tiny battery and no socket. So why still buy a Toyota Hybrid ?

New this month, the Seat Leon is coming with a 204hp powertrain, in hatch and Estate form, with a choice of 4 trims starting at €34.990.

Seat Leon ST

Used imports are still very healthy, and just like for BEVs, we’re looking forward to see the long term effect of Brexit over imports volumes.