Irish EV Owners Association (IEVOA) is for electric vehicle owners and drivers in Ireland

We represent our members in our involvement with various companies and government bodies such as
ESB Ecars, EcarsNI, Drive4Zero, County Councils, Nissan Corp and Limerick Smarter Travel.

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Why do we need IEVOA?

  • To represent the interests of EV owners and drivers across Ireland.
  • To help encourage widespread uptake of EVs throughout the island.
  • To work with charging networks, Government bodies, County Councils, and all other stake holders to further the aims of our members.
  • To work with vehicle manufacturers and dealers to further the aims of the association.
  • To promote and hold events that pertain to EV Owners/Drivers.

We welcome all EV Owners/Drivers in Ireland to become members.

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Paid vs Associate memberships

While we encourage any and all EV owners, or EV-curious folks to become a member, a small annual fee of €20 helps us to operate the volunteer-lead organisation. As a paid member, you have access to benefits such as:

  • Pride in supporting a volunteer-run organisation
  • Representation by the committee & sub-committee members at official events & meetings
  • Voting rights in our AGM
  • Access to paid-member exclusive events
  • Access to a private paid-members only Slack group
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Corporate memberships

As of 2021, the Irish EV Owners Association is delighted to accept Corporate members. We believe that representing Irish businesses within the EV community within our membership is an important step to ensuring the future of EV adoption and a meaningful climate action.

Corporate members must adhere to a subset of membership constitution rules. The fee for a corporate member is applicable depending on number of employees. A business with 50 or less employees has an annual fee of €500. A business with 51 or more employees has an annual fee of €1000.

The benefits of becoming a corporate member of IEVOA includes:

  • Representation by the IEVOA formally
  • Notable representation on our website as a supporter
  • Ability to show membership on your website/social/print media
  • Exclusive events for education and networking within the EV sphere
  • Access to IEVOA committee and members via private Slack
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Become a member