The Mini Cooper SE is coming soon and is surprisingly good value!

We did expect the Mini to arrive in Autumn … we’ll have to wait till spring but it’s keen price will make the wait worthwhile!

We knew a few things about the Mini : it shares its 184hp motor with the bmw i3S, packs a smaller 32,6kwh battery (28,9kwh useable), similar to the 94Ah i3 and therefore a 235-270 km WLTP range. It charges at 11kw on AC (16amp 3-phase) and 50kw on DC (CCS). Boot and cabine size is preserved, batteries are stored below in a T shape and the extra weight is just 145kg over a Cooper S automatic.

There will be three trim levels, beginning with the standard trim, with a monthly lease price of €309 or on the road price from €27,765 OTR (which includes SEAI grant €5,000 and VRT rebate €5,000).

The mid-level style MINI Electric is available at €30,405 OTR and offers a cloth/leather-look upholstery, additional exterior body colour and wheel options, as well as adding rear Park Distance Control (PDC), Rear Camera, Seat Heating, Driving Assistance Pack and Logo Projection.

Finally the top level offers the following on top of the mid-level trim: front PDC, Park Assist, Harmon Kardon sound system and Head-up Display. It also adds a Panoramic Sun Roof, Matrix LED’s and provides an upgrade to the 8.8” infotainment touch screen. Wireless phone charging is also included, in addition to MINI Yours Leather Lounge upholstery, a choice of five alloy wheels and six exterior body colours. All that for €35,695 OTR.

So where does this Mini stand ?

Compared to a Renault Zoé it starts at around €3000 more with the extra prestige, less range but more power. Basically all other EVs are more expensive. You wouldn’t think the Mini could be the second cheapest car of any sort, right?

Compared to a BMW i3, it has similar performance, a shorter range but costs around €10000 less ! It is actually similarily priced to a bigger Nissan Leaf 40, that won’t have much more range (285km WLTP).

Finally you have to compare it to the Mini Cooper S and this one starts at no less than €29,730 in its automatic form.

Will this Mini be a hit ? After undercutting the BMW i3, this competitive SE version now sets a benchmark for the upcoming Honda e, also aspiring to convince the premium small EV buyer. Meet the new Mini at dealers next spring.