Whist Volkswagen has become the specialist of future EV models announcements, very little has happened in their current EV range that is unfortunately more focused on multiplying ICE SUVs.


The PHEVs VW are gone (Passat saloon and Estate GTE, Golf GTE) and the e-Up! (BEV) never made it here. But the e-Golf is still here, awaiting for the anticipated I.D. (orders are supposed to be open in 2019). VW has been selling the e-Golf since 2014, in very low numbers first, but with more interest from customers since 2018 and the battery upgrade (35.8 kWh), and now a new variant is in for 2019. It is called Executive Edition and sits on the top of the 2-model range. For €3.500 over the base model, it comes with a good list of extra equipments such as leather seats, upgraded alloys (17” instead of 16”), the very nice 12″ screen replacing the traditional analogue dials behind the steering wheel. It also features Key-less access, rear privacy windows, and a few more minor elements.

This Executive Edition is giving a better value for money than the base model, without becoming the deal of the century. You may note that the heat pump is still optional (€1,067)…  but fake exhaust tailpipe comes as standard on all e-Golf :) There is a technology package available for just €499, including Parking sensors, automatic high beams, a “lights and vision” pack or folding exterior mirrors. That is a package you shouldn’t skip.

It is important to know that the bigger wheels will affect the drag and therefore the range but Volkswagen has rightfully decided to offer a free 16” wheels “downgrade” so that luxury can also rhyme with economy.

The e-Golf has never been a cheap BEV, but keep in mind that the smaller but more premium BMW i3 starts at a similar price (€35,760 with a 42 kWh battery and 310km WLTP range), and in the non premium world you have a better equipped Hyundai Kona Electric (€35,995) that offers a range of no less than 482km WLTP.


e-Golf : €35,995

e-Golf Executive Edition : €39.495

Range for the e-Golf and e-Golf Executive Edition with 16” wheels :  230km (WLTP)

Range for the e-Golf Executive Edition with 17” wheels : 217km (WLTP)


Find all the info you need on the Volswagen Ireland website

Photo credit : Volkswagen