Back in December 2010, an unassuming compact hatchback hit the Japanese and American markets.

A new small Nissan isn’t normally the cause for fanfares and celebration, but the LEAF is one of the most significant cars of recent years–as it’s a competitive, usable electric car.

Whether you love or hate the LEAF, it’s playing a part in both turning electric cars into a mainstream product, and showing that a large car company really can put an electric vehicle into mass production.

We’ve been covering the LEAF since its early days, and we’ve now brought together a guide that covers all aspects of the car, from pre-launch to the experiences of owners, two years down the line.

There are plenty of links to go through, but we’ve split our guide into categories so you can find the story you’re looking for a little easier. You’ll find driving impressions on this page, ownership experiences on page 2, pricing, sales and production data on page 3, general and battery loss information on the fourth page, and page five is reserved for the more offbeat Leaf stories.