6th December 2019 – By Guillaume Séguin

This document is meant to bring useful information for anyone looking into buying a new BEV in Ireland (as of December 2019, when this post was written). It doesn’t include PHEVs. And neither does it include earlier models so if you are looking for a used model (see for example our 181 table here), be aware that older versions of these models may have lower battery and charging specifications.

The data in the chart is made of manufacturer official information. Non-official information have the (est) tag, some adjustments have been made compared to previous semesters to make this as realistic as possible.

Peugeot e-208

Range :

  • NEDC is the old European driving cycle. It has been used till September 2019 yet can still be found in manufacturer’s documents but we’ve removed it from this table, NEDC is a very optimistic cycle, with numbers hard to reproduce.
  • WLTP is the  newest European driving cycle. It is used since September 2017 (but not broadly used until recently) and is tougher than NEDC, it is usually possible to reproduce WLTP numbers, in summer with optimal driving conditions (economical and relatively slow).
  • Real life is what you can actually do with these cars, in normal traffic conditions. Of course this could still vary depending on your driving style, pace or weather conditions.

Consumption is indicated in kWh per 100 km. This data, combined with the battery size, gives you the range of the vehicle.

Battery size : What you can read about battery size varies depending on manufacturers. Some indicate the total battery capacity, some the usable capacity. Typically a buffer of around 10% or the total capacity of the battery isn’t used, in order to extend battery life.

Please reach out to me at editor@irishevowners.ie (with your source) if you believe there is incorrect/incomplete information, or if you have useful additional data to complete it. Thanks!

From this year we’ve divided the table in 2 sections, premium and non-premium as the table was getting a bit too large!
Click on these tables to enlarge (best view on PC):

So what’s new for for the 201 plate ?

There is a lot going on for the new year ! First of all the very anticipated Renault Zoé Z.E.50 will be available rapidly, and its French archenemy the Peugeot e-208 is landing early 2020 as well. The Corsa-e is also due very soon with prices yet to be disclosed. The Mini Hatch Cooper SE will land in Ireland in Spring. The Volkswagen i.d.3 can be ordered but you will probably have to wait until summer to get yours delivered.
The Hyundai Kona sees a more expensive version added to its range and the Hyundai Ioniq now offers a bigger battery.

Mini Cooper SE