We asked members for input on overstay fees, particularly at eCars sites around the country. And you answered emphatically! We asked 3 pointed questions, provided by eCars and one open-text box to gather feedback. Results below!

Question 1: Should the existing overstay time period be increased from 45 minutes?


Question 2: If the overstay fee is increased to deter overstaying on a charger, which of the following do believe would be most appropriate?

Question 3: Standard AC Chargers currently do not have an overstay fee, however there is evidence that some vehicles are overstaying for long periods of time. In the first instance, we are proposing to introduce a long overstay fee for these chargers which can be adjusted in time if required. Would you support an overstay fee and if so, what would be most appropriate?

The final question was to solicit open feedback. I’ll summarise that here, wording it myself rather than copy/pasting. Raw feedback will be provided to vendors directly:

  • Introduce a reporting mechanism in-app when a space is occupied by an ICE, PHEV or BEV that has completed the charging cycle.
  • Overstay fees do not encourage folks to move on when considering the slow pace of DC charging when the battery is nearly full. It’s almost better to use AC since a 50kW charge session will grind to AC speeds once the battery is 80%+.
  • PHEV should have strict overstay fees.
  • Overstay fees should gradually get harsher as time passes.
  • Increasing overstay for some cars (e.g. older Leafs) would be helpful as 45mins isn’t enough time to fill the car.
  • Current fees are not much of a deterrent. Getting a car to 80% will get you to the next point, home, or to your destination in most cases.
  • Much better signage required to outline what a user can expect at a charger. In-app, if we know what car the driver has, the expectation should be much better set out.
  • By-laws should be considered for unplugging another car when it’s completed it’s charge cycle.
  • Penalise repeat offenders more than others.
  • Fees should be introduced for every 15 minutes over the limit, not every hour.
  • There are not enough chargers to consider more overstay limit changes. The infrastructure isn’t there for users to justify more costs. Improve the network first.
  • Time is less of a factor than the state of charge of the car.
  • Parking positions are poor at most charging sites. Inaccessible, short cable lengths and different charging port positions make it regularly difficult to access a site.
  • Tesla SuperChargers charge overstay fees per minute to discourage hogging. eCars should do the same.