One of the major announcements of the Paris Motor show is the presentation of updated Renault Zoé

The main improvement is the increased capacity of the battery. It goes from 22kwh to 41kwh (usable). Consequently the range is improving to 400 km NEDC, or 300km real life. Yes, Cork-Dublin or Galway-Wexford in one charge is now possible, without having to spend over €100.000 in a Tesla ! -that is of course if your bladder can handle it-


Zoé Swiss Edition (Or Bose ?)

Based on the information leaked on the Renault’s Dutch media website:

  • The base model R90 Entry (ex Life R240) sees its price increasing by €500, but the motor is beeing detuned (77hp instead of 88hp). Same 22kwh battery pack. We don’t know if the equipment level is different from the one of the Life trim.
  • The Zoé Life and Intens are €3,000 more expensive than the previous model and keeps the 88hp motor but with the new 41kwh battery.
  • The 43kw charging option, aka Q90 (ex Q210), is still available but now 700€ more expensive than the R90 (ex R240). It used to be just €500 extra.
  • There is a new trim, Bose, available with both Q90 and R90, €2,800 more expensive than the Intens. Considering the difference of price, we can expect 17” alloy wheels, leather, heated seats, Bose sound systems. These equipments could be found on The Zoé Swiss Edition (limited production for the Swiss market only) for CHF2,700 more than the Intens.
  • You can now purchase the battery ! The price in the Dutch market is €7,900 which is not really cheap but if Renault Ireland wants to sell the Zoé, I’m sure they will make it cheaper.



Zoé Swiss Edition and its brown leather interior


Based on this data, we can expect this updated Zoé to be sold in Ireland from around €18,000 without batteries and from around €25,000 with batteries included. As much as attractive the 41kwh battery is, Renault will have to make an effort on price and promotion of this car as this price is a bit hefty for a supermini. Unless you don’t need that much range ?