Participate to the 2nd edition of the Lucan-Cork-Lucan Irish EV-challenge !

On Sunday 23rd June, will take place the second Irish EV-challenge between Lucan and Cork (and back) and between Cork and Lucan (and back). Just like last year, the goal is to drive the full distance in an optimal time and to prove that a particular driving style could be more efficient on a long distance, depending on the car. When participating to this EV-challenge you will contribute to EV awareness by showing Hybrids/ICE drivers that driving a long distance in a BEV is not out of reach!

This event is organised in support of Alice. Alice is the baby daughter of Majella and Jan-Bart Spang, very active in the Irish EV community and former IEVOA committee member. She has a poor heart and this little  family needs all the support you can give to help her getting better.




This second edition has the same start/finish/total distance as last year so that we see how newer model behave! It will show the growing infrastructure, with more fast chargers en route but also will be challenged by the growing number of EV drivers using this infrastructure. Long range EVs will be less impacted by the network and therefore show the interest/gain of such vehicles.




* Start and End point will be in Lucan FCP. Roger Lamb will man this location.
* Mid-way checkpoint will be in Rochestown FCP. Guillaume Séguin is to man this location. If you leave from Cork, the checkppoint will be in Lucan FCP.
* This is not a cannonball race, you have to respect rules of the road, and other users at chargers (you don’t have priority to charge over non-participants!). You can bring your other half, kids, or dog in your car.
* The challenge is open to pure BEVs only, all types welcome, from Mitsubishi i-Miev to Tesla Model S. If you have a Rex or PHEV or if you want to only participate in a part of the rally, you can join the fun of course but won’t participate to the official competition (feel free to fill out the form below to let us know you’ll be there)
* The event will start at 8am, with a participant starting every 15 minutes to avoid traffic jams at FCPs and make strategies more interesting. The time gap between participants’ start times might change depending on the total number of participants and your exact start time will be communicated at the latest on Friday 21st.

* The winner will be the person doing the return trip in the shortest time, not the first to arrive (since participants leave at different times). Waiting time at FCPs is part of the game !
* All participants will have to share their location on Glympse to allow everyone to see where competition is and maybe alter strategy more fun !). The URL is public and competition followers will also be able to see what strategies are lead, etc. If you don’t share your position you will not participate to the official competition. You will be sent instructions on how to install and use Glympse.
* IEVOA will support this event with Facebook/Twitter/media coverage. Anyone is welcome to Dublin and Cork locations to support participants or organizers and have an EV chat !
* No prizes to win, since it’s not a race, but no fee to enter this event either!

Note that you will be fully responsible and that that the IEVOA will not be liable for any damage, accident, and other issues resulting from your participation to this event.

Last year’s results:

If you want to participate, please fill out the form below, before Friday 21st June midday, and we’ll get back to you with details.

Twitter hashtag : #IrishEVchallenge #SupportAlice

Glympse, click here to follow participants : !IrishEVchallenge

During the event, follow the IEVOA tweets on @IEVOAsso

Any questions ? please reach out by emailing us at