You may be wondering if you also have to pay for parking when you’re charging your car at a public charge point. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer due to the lack of a national policy, so it depends on the county where you are charging.

The Irish EV Owners Association contacted all local councils to try to answer to this question and the result is the table below. Not all councils have replied yet, but when they do we will update the table accordingly.

Please let us know if you spot any mistakes or have any information you would like us to add or change.

Last updated: 8 December, 2022

Council Payment for parking while charging? Notes
Carlow County Council Yes
Cavan County Council No reply
Clare County Council No
Drivers of EV vehicles do not have to pay for parking when they are charging the vehicle and are permitted to only park in a designated EV parking bay when they are actively charging the vehicle.
As per the Ennis Town Council Bye-Laws 2014 EV vehicles are allowed to park in regular parking bays in Abbey Street Car Park and Glor Car Park exempt of a Pay & Display parking fee.
Clare County Council presently have 2 EV parking bays within the town of Ennis located in Abbey Street Car Park and Dr Daly’s Road.
Cork County Council No reply
Donegal County Council No Donegal County Council do not require electric cars, parked in a electric charging bays to display a pay & Display so long as they are charging.

This is an unofficial arrangement as the bye-laws have not been updated since  electric charging bays were introduced.

This current arrangement may or may not be altered when the bye-laws are reviewed in the future.

Dun Laoghaire / Rathdown Yes
Fingal County Council Yes
Standard parking charges apply as per the Parking Control Bye-Laws, depending on location of bays.
Separate fees for charging the electric vehicle also apply. EV users should check the dedicated signage at the Charging Bay for more information (max charge time applicable, etc.).
Galway County Council No reply
Kerry County Council No
Kildare County Council No
In a council run parking area, if the vehicle is actively charging, EV drivers have an observation period of one hour, then pay and display applies. If the vehicle is not charging, the normal observation period applies.
Kilkenny County Council No

Kilkenny County Council currently does not apply a parking fee for users of EV Bays. However users have to be actively charging their vehicle at the time. This applies to both on-street EV bays and car parks in the City.

We will be reviewing our on-street and car park byelaws in the near future and will be considering introducing a parking charge and time limit on users of EV Bays.

Laois County Council Yes

With regard to Laois, our parking bye laws policy treats EV parking bays the same as a normal parking bay, with one exception. In Portlaoise the first 45 minutes are free and parking after that must be paid for (in Portarlington it is 30 minutes free). In some areas of the county we have 2 hour restricted parking with no charge for parking. The vehicle owner is entitled to remain in the parking bay until their vehicle is charged.

The council always tries to advise the vehicle owners to pay by text when charging EV’s as parking has to be paid for the duration of their stay once the 45 minutes grace period has passed.

Leitrim County Council No reply
Limerick City & County Council No
In Limerick City and Council electrical vehicle charging/parking spaces a driver may avail of free parking for 4 hours while charging. Any time used beyond the first 4 hours must be paid for.
Parking can be paid for on the Limerick e-parking app.
Longford County Council No Currently there is no charge applied to vehicles utilising the public electric charging points for electric vehicles in Longford.

The public electric charging points in Longford are located as follows: Market Square, Longford with one charging point servicing two parking bays; Church Street, Longford with one charging point servicing one parking bay; and Áras An Chontae, Longford with one charging point servicing two parking bays.

Louth County Council No With regards to electric vehicles, we don’t charge for pay parking but there is a maximum stay allowed of up to three hours.
Mayo County Council No
Meath County Council No
Monaghan County Council No reply
Offaly County Council Yes
Roscommon County Council No
There is no paid parking in operation in County Roscommon, therefore EV drivers do not pay parking fees while charging their car.
Sligo County Council Yes Charge points:

At the present time parking on-street while EV charging must be paid for as provided for in the Sligo County Council’s Parking Places Bye Laws 2018 and specifically Part 2, No 5 state that:


“Where a vehicle is parked on-street in a pay and display parking area during business hours, including an electrically powered vehicle parked in a vehicle recharging bay and where this vehicle is charging, the vehicle shall display:

  • A valid parking ticket,
  • A valid residents parking permit or
  • A valid disabled persons parking permit or
  • A valid visitors permit or
  • A valid carer’s permit or
  • Alternatively have pre-paid for parking through approved retail or electronic channels


Such that for each daily, hourly, part of an hour (minimum period of 20 minutes increasing at five minute intervals up to one hour) or two hourly period as appropriate during which it is so parked:


a:         In the case of (i) above, a valid pay and display parking ticket which clearly indicates the minute of the hour of commencement of parking of the vehicle and the time at which the parking period expires in respect of on-street parking in a pay and display area,

b:         In the case of (ii), (iv) (v) and (vi) above markings indicating the year, month, day in the month, when the parking commences shall be made on a parking permit at such commencement in respect of on-street parking in pay and display area,

c:         A valid parking ticket, valid disabled persons permit, valid residents parking permit, valid visitors permit, valid carer’s permit or a valid contractor’s permit shall be exhibited in accordance with this bye law in respect of each hour or day as appropriate for so long as the vehicle is parked on-street during business hours.

d:         A valid parking ticket shall be so exhibited in the interior of the vehicle such that an Officer of Sligo County Council outside the vehicle can ascertain by reference to the markings when the parking commenced.

e:         In the case of (vii) above, a valid electronic payment or retail payment do not require a ticket to be displayed.


The provision for EV’s is also contained in the Car Park Bye Laws 2018, Part IV :

4(a) No vehicle other than electrically powered vehicles shall be parked on a part of a car park listed in Part I & II of the schedule of car parks (hourly car park), which is designated as an electrically powered vehicle recharging bay during business hours, unless the vehicle is charging and displaying a valid parking disc,

4(b) No vehicle other than electrically powered vehicle shall be parked on a part of a car park listed in Part III of the schedule of car parks (all day car park), which is designated as an electrically powered vehicle recharging bay during business hours unless the vehicle is charging and no parking fee/charge shall be payable.

South Dublin County Council Not applicable Currently South Dublin County Council does not have “public” charging points in Council owned carparks.

However, we are currently developing an eVehicle Charging Strategy within which a number of issues pertaining to eVehicle charging will be addressed.

The strategy will provide for delivery of a number of Pilot EV charging points at locations within the County which will incorporate on-street and off-street Council owned / public locations, and the learnings from pilot will inform best charging types, procurement strategies and locations for the later roll out.

Tipperary County Council Yes In 2015 the first EV Charge points were installed in Council owned car parks in Tipperary. These five chargers were owned by ESB (ecars) and were installed in three car parks in Clonmel and two in Carrick-on-Suir. They were free to get your car charged and parking at the spaces was also free. It was a system to encourage people to buy electric cars.

In the past few years the free charging stopped and ecars started charging to use their chargers. Also last year the management of Tipperary County Council decided that where EV chargers are installed, that the car owners needed to pay for the parking spot as well as their charging costs. This is to discourage EV owners leaving their car at the charging space after the car is charged or attempting to leave a car at the space for the full working day. The latest generation of E.V.C.P that will be installed in Tipperary County Council car parks are EasyGo Rapid chargers (50kW and 75 kW DC Chargers) where it is envisaged that a car would only require the space for an hour.

We now install a sign beside any EV Chargers in our car parks where pay and display is also required.

Waterford City and County Council No
As a promotion to encourage the use of electric vehicles, Waterford City and County Council introduced free parking for electric vehicles.
Electric vehicles (excluding hybrids) can park free of charge without displaying a parking ticket in any Council operated parking space in Waterford, Dungarvan and Tramore in compliance with parking time limits in the area. Electric and Hybrid vehicles can park free of charge while charging at any charging point. All vehicles must be moved once the charge is complete.
Westmeath County Council No reply
Wexford County Council No

Currently we do not charge for parking while vehicles are charging at EV points, subject to the time duration permitted (in accordance with Wexford County Council’s Traffic & Car Parking Byelaws).

An electric vehicle shall not be parked in an Electric Vehicle Charging Bay except for the purposes of charging the vehicle, and
An electric vehicle shall not be parked in an Electric Charging Bay for a period exceeding 3 hours.
A plug in Hybrid vehicle shall not be parked in an Electric Charging Bay for a period exceeding 1 hour.

Wicklow County Council No reply
Cork City Council No reply
Dublin City Council Yes
Galway City Council No reply
Northern Ireland Yes
Charging is free but parking generally isn’t. In Belfast on street chargers is free to park but there are time limits. If you park in a pay car park in Belfast you have to pay for parking. Please check local signposts for more information.