Irish EV Owners Group Photographic Rally 2014 – VOTING

sponsored by ESB Ecars, EcarsNI and Windsor Deansgrange

Voting will be open from 9th Nov to 22nd Nov 2014.

The votes are open to the public, and everyone can vote.

The votes are per photo.

You can vote for as many photos as you want, but you can only vote once for a specific photo. You vote by rating between 1 and 5 stars for a photo.

Once you’ve voted (for a photo), your vote can NOT be undone and can NOT be changed.

Once the votes are closed, the photo with the best average score is the winner.

There will be an award also given for the photo taken in Northern Ireland with the best average score. This award is sponsored by EcarNI.

The results are available here.



– When can I vote?

Voting system will be open from 9th Nov to 22nd Nov.


– Can I vote multiple times for the same photo?

No, once you’ve voted for a photo, you cannot vote again for that photo, and you cannot modify or undo your vote.


– Can I invite my friend or family to vote?

Sure, the votes are open to everyone. So get your friends and family voting.


– Where and how can I vote?

You can view the list of participants here:

Select a participant, and you can vote for a photo by clicking one to five stars below each photo.

(to view a photo full size click on it — to close the full size photo click on it)


– Can I compare photos before voting?

You can display photos from all the participants for a specific county, by selecting a county here:


– Where and when will I see the results?

The result will be announced at the ESB Ecar Gathering at the Clarion Hotel Dublin on the 29th Nov.

The result will be announced on the Irish EV Owners web site from 30th Nov.

See the results here.