In the spirit of getting back into he swing of things we dropped the ball on, I’m going to get back to posting the minutes of our committee meetings. Mostly in the spirit of transparency, but also to invite discussion, suggestions and the like from our members!

On the agenda we had:

  • Previous minutes read out (formality that happens all the time).
  • Registration of the association as a formal non-profit, working within the handover process of the treasurer role.
    • Some of this may require an EGM to change the constitution slightly, but with no effect on members.
  • We want to run an in-person event, currently earmarked for November.
    • Part of this will be to launch our rebrand, which happened during Covid lockdowns.
  • Launched corporate members and have SAP & Energia as initial partners, with several in the pipeline before EOY.
  • Looking to launch Slack for paid members (replacing the old forum concept) as well as working on new branded swag for paid members.
  • We had an update on some of the public infra providers we engage with regularly, particularly around personnel changes.
    • eCars, Fuels for Ireland, FASTER all discussed.
  • Earmarked agenda items for the next DoT meeting.
  • SEAI have asked us to promote apartment chargers consultation (via this link).
  • Lots of IEVOA representation at the EV Summit.
  • Working on sporting connections to clubs, etc.
  • Article coming on insurance for public vehicles (taxis etc.).

If anything here inspires any debate, input or queries, or you wish we discussed a topic not listed, pop a quick email my way.