The new version of the Renault Zoé finally lands in Ireland with a major surprise : goodbye battery rental and welcome 400km (NEDC) range !


Zoé Dynamique Nav in Zircon Blue (€640 option)


It seems like Renault wants to copy the successful Nissan model. Like all the other EVs in Ireland, the Nissan Leaf is exclusively sold with the battery included whereas some other countries are giving the choice for the customer to rent it. The uncertainty battery’s lifespan is progressively vanishing (especially in our mild country) and owners trust more and more battery technology, making the purchase of a battery less scary.

So no more battery rental with the Zoé. You either buy the whole car, or you consider a leasing/PCP option.

An important thing to know is that the updated Zoé now comes with the R90 engine : R is for rapid and it means that the Zoé will charge at a speed of 22kw. This will suit most Irish owners as hundreeds of standard chargers are present on the island, you know that big green boxy one you find in most towns. The Q90 engine (that was previously the only available choice) now comes as an option (Price TBD) on Dynamique Nav and Signature Nav, and can charge at 43kw on FastAC equipped FCPs. R90 might remain a better option for many as the onboard charger is more efficient than the Q90’s at lower charging speeds (ie at home) with less losses.

22kw public charger

The range is now made of 3 versions with the classic Renault names : base Expression Nav, mid-range Dynamique Nav and the more luxurious Signature Nav

The Zoé Expression Nav is now offered at €23.490, which is a €6.000 increase compared to the battery-leased Zoé you could purchase till now. The increase is exclusively due to the cost of the battery (the difference in UK being GBP 5.000 between a model with leased battery and a model with owned battery.

Equipment remains very comprehensive for the segment : Climate control, cruise control, R-Link navigation system, heat pump. It keeps the original 22kwh battery.

Zoé Expression Nav in Zircon Blue


The Dynamique Nav is the popular choice : for an extra €4.000 it adds 16” Alloys, automatic lights and wipers, hands-free card, a darker interior, rear electric windows, parking sensors, and most importantly the 40kwh battery allowing 400km NEDC range ! (meaning closer to 300km in real life conditions)

Zoé Dynamique Nav in Mars Red


Zoe Dynamique Nav interior


Finally the Signature Nav will appeal to owners wishing a Premium touch to their Zoé : Bose sound system with subwoofer in the boot, leather upholstery with heated front seats,  reverse camera, for € 2500 over the Dynamique Nav, ie € 29.990 before delivery charges.

Zoé Signature Nav in Ytrium Grey, colour only available with this trim

The 40kwh battery allows the Zoé to be the first “non-Tesla EV” able to go from Dublin to Cork without stopping (at moderate speeds!). This is a major breakthrough and the fact that it came from one of the cheapest EVs on the market is quite remarkable. 400km NEDC means 300km in real life conditions, which is twice as much as the popular Leaf.

How long does it take to charge ? Here is a handy table that will answer this question.

Model Maximum charging speed Time to charge on Fast AC fast charger (0 to 80%) Time to charge on a 22kw Standard Charger (0 to 100%) Time to charge on a 3kw home charger (0 to 100%)
R90 with 22kwh battery (Expression Nav) 22 kw 1 hour 1 hour  8 hours
R90 with 40kwh battery (Dynamique Nav and Signature Nav) 22 kw 2 hours  2 hours   14 hours
Q90 with 40kwh battery (option on Dynamique Nav and Signature Nav 43 kw 65 minutes   2 hours    14 hours


















You now have the most important elements helping you to pick the right Zoé, if you have more questions, why not asking on our facebook page where a number of Zoé owners can guide you?

You can now get around the ring of Kerry twice, before running out of juice!