2020 is over and it hasn’t been a great year for most of us… but it has been for new BEVs sales, growing 17% over 2019 to 4013 sales. Here is the Top 10 best selling new cars for 2020.

10th – Mini Hatch Cooper SE – 114 units

The affordable Mini Electric has been launched in Spring and is entering the top 10.

9th – Volkswagen e-Golf – 175 units (-29%)

The variant of the Golf that has always been in the shadows of the TDI in showrooms yet has had a decent 2020 with 175 units sold. It is now retiring, replaced by the ID.3.

8th – Hyundai Ioniq – 196 units (+47%)

The super efficient Hyundai Ioniq is often forgotten compared to its SUV Hyundai/Kia sibbling but is a great alternative to the Nissan Leaf 40 and it sales grew by 47% thanks to the launch of the facelift version with a bigger battery.

7th Kia E-Soul – 225 units (+263%)

Quirky for sure, but popular nevetheless with a 7th position for the second generation of e-Soul.

7th – Renault Zoé – 232 units (-11%)

The European best seller is only 7th here, still offering by far the best range for your money. It is somewhat disappointing to see sales receding despite the new version launched in Spring 2020.

5th – Volkswagen ID.3 – 358 units

Just landed a few months ago and already 5th overall in 2020, the ID3 is an instant hit and is going to be fighting for the leader position in 2021!

4th – Kia E-Niro – 393 units (+446%)

True family capabilities, impressive range for under €40,000 : The E-Niro is the only BEV solving that equation, bringing it to a 4th position in 2020.

3rd – Hyundai Kona Electric – 497 units (-54%)

If last year it did tie for 1st place with the Nissan Leaf, the Hyundai Kona Electric has been loosing important ground this year. Korean alternatives offering much more interior space for less probably penalized Kona sales.

2nd – Nissan Leaf – 617 units (-43%)

Despite being almost 4 years old, with tech that is not best in class, the Leaf is still a very good choice on the market, with competitive prices, and a great dependability.

1st – Tesla Model 3 – 724 units (+287%)

The Tesla Model 3 has been sold for over a year now and is the crown holder for 2020. 2021 will be much more challenging though, with improved competition from legacy automakers, as seen already in 2020 in the rest of Europe.