As for other European countries, the Zoé range for Ireland is getting some updates for the 2019 year:

* The base Expression R90 is now getting the 40kWh battery in replacement of the 22kWh one. Price increase is €1,500

* The 2 higher trims (Dynamique and Signature) now benefit from the more powerful R110 motor instead of the R90 one. Price increase is €300

* The Q90 motor remains available, at a €1,500 premium over the R110. It is the only one that benefits from the 43kw fast AC capability. The R90 and R110 can charge at 22kw only.


Prices of the 2019 Renault Zoé:

Zoé R90 Expression €24,990

Zoé R110 Dynamique €27,790

Zoé R110 Signature €30,290

Zoé Q90 Dynamique €29,090

Zoé Q90 Signature €31,790


Source : Renault Ireland

Photo credit : Jan-Bart Spang