Good news, Tesla cars (Model S and Model X) are now officially available in Ireland

See for yourselves here



Tesla Model S

The models are the same as anywhere else in Europe, range is just as developed which is not always the case with other brands. So we can be happy about it !

One difference though, there is no lease option (for now at least).

Prices are starting at € 81,526 (On the road) for a Model S 60, with 400km range (NEDC) all the way till € 169,762 for a Model X P100D (542km of NEDC range). The Tesla with the longest range is the Model S P100D, with 613km NEDC. It starts at € 167,254 on the road. Plenty of options are available to spice up your final bill to over € 200,000 if you wish !



Select a few options and here is your € 210,000 Model X !


There is an urban legend that says that we are paying for an Irish premium but is this true ? Let’s do a quick comparison with France to see if we are really paying more.

Model (Country)  Model S 60 (Ireland)  Model S 60 (France)  Model X P100D (Ireland) Model X P100D (France)
Ex VAT  € 65,317  € 64,700  € 128,244  € 129,033
VAT € 15,023 (23%) € 1,2940 (20%)  € 29,496 (23%)  € 2,5807 (20%)
VRT (incl grant) € 6,186  € 17,022
Grants € 5,000 (SEAI) € 6,300  € 5,000 (SEAI)  € 6,300
OTR price € 81,526  € 71,340  € 169,762  € 148,540

Is Tesla greedy ? Not more than anywhere else ! The grants are actually generous (€ 10,000) : it’s just the VAT and VRT that are excessive to start with.

On the option list, we can actually see that the prices are similar of even slightly lower than in other countries : this means the ex-vat price is lower in Ireland that France, UK or Germany.

Now it is time to start saving, awaiting for the first Irish Tesla store to open in 2017, with 4 or 5 superchargers also anticipated.


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X